If you are looking for something that is just gush-worthy, this mighty fine nectarine is just spot on! I crashed before I could post this up, but I know I had squishy dreams chasing nectarines around last night!

This is what they look like.. a very smooth skinned peach! Tasty has nothing on these and the bottle I received will not last long.. let’s go do this! First, last night I wanted to see just how strong it can be in my magic 10ml bottles.. I started with 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 drops.. I tested the 1 drop first and omg.. in 1 drop, .02 grams yes, this is a sweet. almost a peach, and then I crashed, dreaming of trees of peaches and nectarines. My favorite fruit. Ok well in the pile of favorites! going to 2 drops, .04 grams or .4% the full nectarine is there, the sweet smooth peachy taste, light, but it is all there. Moving along to the 4 drops .08 grams I can tell the increased taste has improved and just makes me want more!! At 6 drops .12 grams its there.. but not a big change, in fact I think something is a bit muddled.. I still get the nectarine, but its not as bright as the 4 drop one.. not sure.. it’s still good, maybe I had a duh moment? Moving on to 8 drops, .16 grams 1.6% It isn’t me.. I think at higher than 1% or 5 drops per 10, it will start to muddle and chemtrail out on me. I am sure if you wanted to push it to 2% and higher, it will be a flavor waste.. keep this one under 1% and you will be fine..

Recipe Ideas: Fruit blends with like flavors, apricots and guanabana, or soursop, used with jackfruit, it can tone down sharper edges; mixed with bourbon and cream for a nice smooth after dinner drink. Cobblers with nectarine and peach for a contrast, cookies and even yogurts.. have fun with this cool flavor and grab a big bottle! 🙂

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