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I just want to reach out to everyone. Over the years flavor overuse (pushing) is still yet an issue. I believe it comes from a lack of understanding on how one’s taste buds work, or do not work. It’s also a lack of self research and experimenting. This can be fixed! Read here and see how I put all of this together. Please, give it a good thought over your favorite drink and snack. See if I am not right and then adjust your mixes.

The fix

Just stop for a moment. You need to find a calculator site out there, like ELR ( that have flavor lists to see what the average use of the particular flavor you are working with. All that info has been compiled thru site users. I would not go first with the highest rate of use. Not even go with the lowest to test out. I would take the info with a grain of salt, and keep it all in mind. Start in drops in a 10ml or 30ml bottle. I would work in various ranges, from 2 drops direct from the bottle, up to 8 drops. There really is no need to go higher. It will make flavor waste.

Flavor overuse, what is it, cause and effect.

Flavor overuse is caused by a few things that happen. When you first step away from cigarettes, both your mouth and nose still do not work right. Your body may have had years of smoking abuse. [Unless you are just one that picked vaping clear out of nowhere and do not smoke.] You will need time to clear out the “junk” you have been putting into your body. As time goes on your taste and smell will improve. Most if not all of your taste buds may come back. You could even be some of the few with a lot of non working taste buds. It is all dependent on diet, exercise, life style patterns, medications and other environmental effects. This can be the root issue of flavor overuse.

Other possible help

There are a lot of mixers out there with their own styles and tastes. I suggest to find one that fits your tastes. I’m not talking on recipes and flavor profiles just yet. What I am talking about is if they are a light or heavy mixer of our flavors. The only way to know is by testing your flavors, as solos, and often. More work? No, think of it as customizing for your own mouth. Know this will in fact help you not only mix better. You will learn more about yourself. It will also be easier to spot those recipes that will not fit within your taste style.

My last thoughts

I admit, we all have own own ways and tastes. To me, that is a beautiful thing that not a one of us is alike. I know I will probably appear to jump around on this topic. Please keep in mind I am very passionate on this and it does make a difference. I have had people around the globe agree with me on flavor overuse. If you watch what you are doing, knowing how your flavors react at certain amounts, helps. It does matter, so try it out and become a believer too.

Weight vs scales, does it matter?

I’d love to say to me, yes. However we are all in this mixing experiment we call DIY. Weight and scales, both are ways for measurement. Fact is, weight for liquid is much better than a percentage based, due to how ultra Flavorah flavors are. If you choose to keep using percentages, that will be your decision. Some flavors, if you do go over a drop can seriously alter your recipes. This is why it matters. Choices and options are nice, but the end result is very important.

Example: If you were to try, the quickest demo is with bleach. One drop in 8 oz will change the structure of the water to have a part of bleach. Can you remove the bleach? No. It is still going to be chlorinated water. So think on the consequences of adding more than the amounts of flavor you are placing in with your base.

Things I always explain:

When I say solo taste testing, it’s exactly what I am saying. One flavorah flavor, a few 10ml bottles, and your base mix in your preference for tasting. You can run more than one solo, as many as you would like. Remember to keep track of what you have mixed by name and your drop amounts. I put dots on my table and run 5 lines at a time. That will give me a good range of testing bottles that I will not get what is called testing fatigue. I have ran more than 10, but I do get confused easily! I par my bottles with base in them already and then begin to use drops straight from the bottle. If you do not put the time and work in, no one else can do that for you. This is why we all are unique. Be grateful, and know you are still special, you just have to go get busy!

What to do

To run your tests you need to fill up how ever many bottles you need with your base liquid. I set the base filled bottles down on the stickers. My stickers I will write down 2 drops, 4 drops, 6 drops, 8 drops and 10 drops. It is rare I really need that 10 drops in 10mls so each flavor will have 4 bottles. I run 5 flavors at a time. Every rare do I have to use more than the amount of bottles with Flavorah. If you are working on your solos while reading this, you now everything set up. Let the bottles with the drops sit up for a few days. I shake each one every day for around 3 days.

After that

Once I have everything set up I might run (test) them immediately, but normally they will just sit after a good shake. I do not put stickers on my bottles. They are glass and stickers will make clean up hard. This is why I place them on stickers on my table. I do reuse my bottles, and clean up is not a big deal.

When you start testing, you need to remember one thing: 1 drop = .02g or .02ml

With the information you find from testing you can now write your notes. See my post on taking notes for flavor testing here.

I recommend the “ELR calculator” as it is the most easiest to use.

Found here: ELR Calculator

If you really need help in understanding the site for elr, there is an excellent guide found here.

I recommend always write things down. If you keep your notes over the years, you can look back and see the changes you have been thru. It will be your best mixing tool, besides the only tool that fits you, your mouth. 🙂

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