Update, Oct 9 2019

What is going on? Life sort of got in the way and this site has fallen behind. I am back now and working on posting up all of the flavors Flavorah has, as well as tips tricks recipes and sometimes advise. I really apologize about not keeping it up, however I have some time now READ MORE


Just what is an acai berry? How tasty is the acai flavor? Today’s first topic, the acai berry, is a cross between a grape and a blueberry. It’s a purple berry with lots of good flavor, and eating the real berry is very good for you. Health claims galore, but what can it do for READ MORE

Amaretto Sour

Oh my, where do I start with Amaretto Sour? This article goes out to one of the few vape friends that have known me forever and a day, My Darlene!  Amaretto Sour, Solo or mix things up? Combining amaretto with bourbon, fresh lemon juice, rich simple syrup and egg white creates a perfectly balanced Amaretto Sour. READ MORE

Apple Cider

Thoughts of Fall Apple cider can really hit the spot! I was so surprised by the authentic smell once I opened the bottle. I ran thru all my testing in 5 days, from low to high.  WhenI started low,the flavor reminded me at first of Apple filling, due to the similar spices they both use. READ MORE