I decided that since my elr list is rather full of 3+ years of recipes, I would start something new, recipe books. I want to give everyone a chance at having a good recipe to mix. I am not sure when I will be releasing them, but I do expectRead More →

These videos are from Christian Combes. They are based on how I described solo testing and made a rough set of videos, with some descriptions of flavors he tested. He considers them rough, not I! They are absolutely gold. I always give a big shout out to him, as noRead More →

I want to ask a question before I begin to post up my tutorials. This redo, starting over! It is a shame I have lost notes on line, but I do have a few back ups, and will be adding them back this coming weekend. YAY! ha! 🙂 So, hangRead More →

Due to a few database bugs, the site was wiped clean. Please be patient, while I work on recreating everything. If you need help now, drop a note on Face book and I will catch up with you as soon as possible! Smoky