Testing solo flavors can be challenging! Only if you are unsure of a manufacture or a new flavor, you might find yourself wondering, how to come up with what kind of measurement. First, lets chat on how:  volume (%) vs weight (g). Volume is pretty easy… measuring cups, syringes, oralRead More →

I have had a few people asking me, Smoky, just how do I put in my recipe to calculators like “ELR” and even I have had issues, so here is the revived tutorial from the old site. First, I picked out a recipe from here, using my drops and grams, DjarumRead More →

I run across this at least a few times a day, flavor overload. What is it? It’s when you do not do solo tast testing, starting from low flavor and raise it up. Keep notes on what you taste, when and where and even equipment matters. When you guess atRead More →

I decided that since my elr list is rather full of 3+ years of recipes, I would start something new, recipe books. I want to give everyone a chance at having a good recipe to mix. I am not sure when I will be releasing them, but I do expectRead More →

These videos are from Christian Combes. They are based on how I described solo testing and made a rough set of videos, with some descriptions of flavors he tested. He considers them rough, not I! They are absolutely gold. I always give a big shout out to him, as noRead More →

I want to ask a question before I begin to post up my tutorials. This redo, starting over! It is a shame I have lost notes on line, but I do have a few back ups, and will be adding them back this coming weekend. YAY! ha! 🙂 So, hangRead More →

Due to a few database bugs, the site was wiped clean. Please be patient, while I work on recreating everything. If you need help now, drop a note on Face book and I will catch up with you as soon as possible! Smoky