Kick back time, with my bottle of Sangria! Taking the top off, you are sure to smell that red wine smell, full body and hints of fruit, but let’s take a closer look at this one, eh?

Sangria, Maria! Oh have mercy on me! Let’s drop this lol. I know, omg not the drops again, but here it is. It only takes 1 drop to change a liquid into something else. One drop. So here I go, 1 drop .02 grams in 10ml and its there, but muddy, not clear, but I do get a hint of something alcoholic. Is there alcohol in this? Let’s find out! Upping it to 3 drops .06 grams in 10mls, the wine in more pronounced, the fruits show up, an orange taste, and other fruit bits, wonder if I can get them to pop a bit more. Using 6 drops .12 grams in 10mls, it still stays the same, but heavier and muted, the flavors seem to go mush. Mind you, I am using my new dripper, and running it at .5 ohms and 65 watts

I have to say I love the new mod and dripper. 🙂 and I really do enjoy Sangria! I would love to add more fruits to this, and even perhaps a frozen type drink mix.. 🙂 Cheers, glasses up!


One of my favorites now for a few months, is peppermint! I can work with this in so many ways, from fruits to even nutty chocolates, tobaccos, drinks, you name it, peppermint is always a fun play time taste for me.

Do not try this flavor straight, just do not! Scope has nothing on the strength this one has! It will make you drool, and not in a controlled way, but zombie drool, and it will attack your sinuses! However, peppermint is good for upset tummy aches. (On the bright side)

Lining up my bottles, and knowing what I know about this flavor, 1 drop .02 grams in 10mls is detectable. It doesn’t take much at all, and is light. Using 2 drops .04 grams in 10ml makes it heavier, tasty and fun to play with. Now 4 drops, is going to be too much for any dripper, but a tank can handle up to around 4 drops .08 grams. I would not push this flavor at all, and keep it at .8% usage.

No recipe, but I am sure your imagination can add this cool mint to just about anything!


Umhmm, pucker up big boys and girls! This flavor is for those that really need a pucker in their lives! Excellent idea, Flavorah!

Just what mama warned you, do this and your face might just freeze! Oh wait, that was yet another facial expression.. Carrying on! Let’s do this, for sure, it is a given yet another additive! Additives can be fun when done right.. so let’s find out how puckery is pucker!

First note: when you do use it, there is a background taste, almost like a smoke note. So be prepared. It will fade out and become tasteless, but push this one too hard and it will come back and bite you! It also seems to have a bit of cool in it, however I do know that is the “Pucker” note. (This comes from dropping a drop on a spoon and actually tasting it, straight, not diluted, so go for it. If I can, you can!) You can even taste that smoke note like this.. but, let’s not stay here, moving on to bottles and drops once again, just like always!

Using 1 drop .02 grams in 10mls, it’s hard to detect, so I chose to go with odd numbers this time. 🙂  3 drops in 10mls, and I peg it! way too much, after sitting with 12 drops Red apple! I got pucker! Yes. Smoky puckered! 😮 I could lower this to 2 drops, but yet I want to push this pucker! Taking it to 6 drops .12 grams or 1.2% and yeps there is it, overuse! Abusing my tongue won’t help, but it’s too late. Cracker and Coffee time!

Spiced latte and Cookies

Anytime you mess up your tastebuds, they need a reset. I recommend trying new flavors, drinking coffee, spicy chips, cookies, or anything else that is different from what your pallet normally tastes. Give it time, and they will be back to what you perceive as normal. Just for a heads up, your taste buds change at 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years. This is why they are truly your best buds, as even tho they change, they always stick around and guide you to what it is you want. 🙂 Take care of them and they wont want to feel like running away!

Pastry Zest

Open the top of Pastry Zest, go on! The first thing comes to mind, is the smell of zesty sugar? Oh wow, Additive, for sure!

This is something pretty sweet! Break down on Pastry Zest, with my handy dandy 10ml bottles! Using 2 drops .04 grams I can pick up something muddled but there is some kind of taste there. Upping it to 4 drops .08 grams and it is definitely there! It is hard as a solo to detect exactly what it will do, but you can and do get the feeling for this sugary zesty bit. I tossed it into a few bakery juices I have, and yes, powdery, sugar without the sweet, zesty citrus type flavor helper. Backing it down to 3 drops .06 grams with some graham cracker and donuts flavors, you can almost feel the textured help this will give to your juices.  Pushing it to 6 drops .12 grams or 1.2% is too much, at least for me. I get a powder, dry and my mouth feels like I am too dehydrated. Keep this in mind when flavor pushing! You don’t want people to feel like it is ever too much!

Good for all bakery type mixes, cuz I said so!  Have some fun, try even adding this to just fruits, you might be surprised! Other than this, I do have a big bottle coming! Beautiful additive and happy to add it to my collection! Mix on! 🙂


Hey carrot heads, what is up, Ya’ll? haha!
I’d never ever thought I’d be vaping, as a solo flavor, a carrot! Never! Gee, thank you, the good peepz at Flavorah! I can now say I have!

This is “The Carrot” Yes! Orangy, earthy, with a tiny, yes, tiny touch of green. I do get that green from this, but, it is in the very background! It’s aww heck, let me do a break down first! Then maybe you can see where I am going with this one.

With my handy dandy pile of 10ml bottles, I started at 2 drops .04 grams and did not taste anything, then I went to 4 drops .08 grams and yes.. something was there, sweet muddled something. Ok, I can be brave! 6 drops .12 grams and there! behold the first taste of.. drum roll, it is a carrot, bam! Earthy not quiet dirty, carrot! So, to explore it more, I went to 8 drops and same carrot taste, a little heavier with the earthy carrot, and no it is not a dirty one, just with that carrot taste, like a fresh clean one. Moving on to 10 drops .20 grams, (Oh my gosh, let’s do it!) the sweet part comes out more, but so does this green I get. I wonder if this is part of the chemtrails I get when taking a few too high? It’s like the carrot top part, weird. Will be curious if I get any responses once this is released. Let’s push this 12 drops .24 grams or 2.4% oh no. Just No! NO! I get a bitter bit in my nose and mouth. No. So my threshold for carrot is under 2.4% and yes that was the chemtrail effect I find 99% of FLV has.. some can push and skip over this amount if they so choose, but for me and mine.. will keep this one at 2% and under.. 🙂

Less is more, less is better and I do not want a bunny to think I am in competition! 🙂

Now as far as what to do with this flavor, why cake, creams, maybe nuts.. but I can see a few fruits overpowering it.. so be careful in what you add this beautiful flavor in. I happen to like carrots, maybe with a brown sugar glaze, basil and cinnamon. Happy thoughts and mixing!


Vanilla Beans!

What the heck is this, I soo want to love, Vanilla Beans! <3

Smell test: yes vanilla beans. Smoky, woody, check! So excited!

Before I jump in too deep, I had a few people reach out to me and ask me what’s wrong with this flavor. What? Yes. from .5-3% I have had a few that just can not taste this as a stand alone. So now, let’s jump!

At 3 drops .06 grams in 10ml, I can get the jist of this one. It comes in almost like a cloudy mist, with a hint of smoky taste.. yes I can get that from this level which is only .6%, and most probably will not notice it here. Bump it up to 6 drops .12 grams or 1.2% and then you should start tasting the smoky goodness of the beans. (Vanillin is different as you do not get the smoky, you will get pure vanilla taste, in fact this is where that vanilla love resides and why you need both the beans and the vanillin to make your vanilla juices just pop!) At 10 drops, it is an in your face. The reason most have issues tasting this is due to it being an additive and you might want to think on trying either fruits or creams with this one. Aim for say blueberry at 9 drops .18 grams and Cream at 6 drops .12 grams and then you can tell exactly what this can do for your juices.

Vanilla beans not only go well for creams, but nuts fruits and tobaccos, so play around with it. I really hope this helps out in the community and please don’t shoot me for saying this works better keeping it low.

Side note: Vanilla is the second-most expensive spice after saffron because growing the vanilla seed pods is labor-intensive.

Root Beer!

Oh my gosh, yes foamy and spicy, Root beer! Fill up my tank and call me a happy girl! 🙂 This is one I know I will treasure! Here I go again!

First smell: Heaven in a bottle! Ha! Can tell yes, that is a for sure real root beer! I know for a fact, what all it takes to make the best root beer, as I do create it every blue moon for home use. The list of ingredients can be found here. Flavorah, what a delight you managed to capture and send off to me, I want to explore now!

Using my drops at 4, or .08 grams I can barely taste it, but it is showing up to the party and oh yes I can not wait to taste the full effect! at 6 drops .12 grams it is at the point of almost full in your face. Raising it up to 10 drops .20 grams, its a bit beyond in your face, the rooty-ness is muddy, and just not as bright as 6-8 drops. You really do not have to add creams, but if you do, don’t go over the root beer. It can be possible to drown out the notes it has.

If I was to do add in’s, I’d add more ginger, some cool menthol, ice, heat, maybe light fruits, and yes, I can see a bunch of recipes built off this one, but will revisit it again next week. Big bottle heading my way, oh yes!! 🙂


Popcorn, get your fresh popcorn here! Oh my, my nose! Let’s talk on this one! Here is a tempting picture, haha! go ahead, reach in!


First smell: Popcorn and butter, oh my gosh!! I can really smell it coming thru in the bottle, buttery and popcorn, no other smell is just like this!! I can’t wait to get started, so here I go!

Leaning on what I have learned thru the last 3 flavors, blackberry blossom, graham cracker, and morning mimosa, I went with 4 drops .08 grams in 10mls and sure enough, not enough to quiet get the grasp of what this is, so I jumped to 6 drops .12 grams and there it shows up, just a hint of something popcorn-ish, very faint, but it is raising it’s head up! Hmm.. 8 drops .16 grams and bingo! Looking like this is the medium amount because at 12 drops .24 grams or 2.4% it is just too much, the buttery gets coying, and the popcorn comes and goes on me.. Will be revisiting the .20 and .24 grams and double checking it this week and next.

Would I recommend this as a popcorn flavor? Yes, used with creams, fruits and nuts, this flavor can stand out and will blend with other flavors with ease. Good for when you need a spot of butter, or want to take advantage of the nutty popcorn. I would suggest to use Acetyl Pyrazine 5% to help boost the popcorn taste. Not much, maybe .06 grams. 🙂

Morning Mimosa

And then there is Morning Mimosa! YeeHaw, Yes! Where do I start with this simple but complex flavor? Why of course, here I go again with my crazy drop method that drives most nuts! 🙂 You love me anyways so!! Here I go, this is what I am talking about:

Now this could help me curb my coffee intake, for sure, as smell test says bright and orange-y. hmm, let’s break down the drops!

Using 2 drops .04 grams in 10mls, yes, just like the last 2, I get nothing. Surprising really, as I do know flv is strong and most the time I can get a glimpse at just a few drops. Makes me wonder! I always try to find the starting points at where I start to taste, so I know how low I can take it and where the flavor starts.. very important when putting recipes together! Let me skip on up to 4 drops .08 grams and just no… odd! Jumping to 6 drops in my handy dandy 10ml bottles, at .12 grams and just now grabbing a taste of orangey, but where is the bubbles? Alrighty then, moving up to 8 drops .16 grams or 1.6% (see what happened there with drops grams and %, yes?) I get the full orange, but no bubbles! Ok then, next is my 10 drops in 10mls or .2 grams (2%) and there it is, more of a champagne taste mixing in with the most beautiful orange combo, just like the real mimosas, well now, how about that! 🙂

As far as the flavor, my rating for this one would be for the basic overall, I give it a 10. Amount of usage, unless my taste buds are changing, I am finding so far with the 3 flavors, you do need to step up usage. As far as accuracy, and being the fact I do not go around eating blackberry blossoms or using it in teas, or the graham cracker being what it is, Flavorah has not done bad at all!

I can see this used more between 2-2.5% and mixed with berries, creams, nuts.. it is a rather light flavor, considering usage, so be careful to not drown it out with overpowering flavors. That can happen, and faster than you will recognize! I can see more of a solo use, but with things like pomegranate, or blackberry, blueberry, keep it all low. I really do enjoy this one flavor and like the blossom, will be snagging a big bottle! ~S.

Graham Cracker

Graham crackers were named for a man who believed unhealthy diet led to sexual excess. Fact! Oh my, where to start for this one? Why of course, by the drops in many 10ml bottles! Here we go, this is what I am writing about:

Light, fluffy, hard, sweet, salty, everyone’s favorite cracker cookie! So many ideas come to me when thinking on what to do with Graham Cracker, unbelievable and sometimes can be overwhelming! Let’s start on the Flavorah‘s next new flavor!

First smell from the bottle: it really does smell like a bottle of those fabulous graham crackers! That bready cracker, and the light spice it has, and I just know, it will turn out so good! but let’s see where they tasting zones are and my last thoughts!

Using my 10ml bottles, I started at 2 drops .04 grams per 10mls and I find nothing! What? I expected at least a hint. Moving on to 3 drops .06 grams, not much better, weird and odd and more flabbergasted! This is confuzzling! I should get something here, but maybe 4 drops .08 grams, and there it is, a hint of bready cookie? Moving to 6 drops .12 grams I get a more of a cookie, and maybe a bit of the cracker. Jumping to 8 drops .16 grams and there it is! I get the start of the graham cracker, firm, with hints of the edges of the cracker showing. 10 drops in 10ml or .20 grams or 2% is just pushing the flavor and can detect a burning crumble effect, not bad, more like the bottom of the cracker while cooking and cooling off, cooked bit, the breading is light, the spices I smelled, might take a bit to come around. I do not believe I would take it higher than this, but I have. Using this at 3% I can tell the compounds in the flavor start to fall off, the notes from top to bottom start to meld and the side notes, the spices just are not there, the bottom part of the g cracker is just muddled. Keep this in mind.. 🙂

I can see using Acetyl Pyrazine 5% to help boost the bread part, nuts, tobaccos fruits and creams will play nice with this one, but it is rather on the light side right now. Mind you, just barely into a week steep, so will have to review this post in another week or so.

As for recipes, I may revisit this and add one.. but for now I just wanted to post up my findings with this flavor. 🙂

Thank you, Flavorah for sending these out!