Reaching taste buds

Reaching taste buds. What a topic, eh? Serious tho, this is something I think on constantly, along with how to reach out and help others understand what it is I do and maybe the reasoning and my way of logic towards mixing. Let’s get going!

Do not hold me responsible. Not for empty flavor bottles, juice bottles! Not for “I can’t taste this” or “omg it’s way too much for me”! Taste is after all, on the tongue of the taster! It’s also according to device and even how your coils use their ohms, the way they are wicked, as well as battery power! So on this note.. and this is for people wanting to learn to mix for others, not necessarily new mixers for personal taste, but it is something for everyone of us to think on.

If you are testing your flavors as solos, perhaps you should test for how equipment is used, as well. Let’s say Bobby Sue fell in love with the idea of tasting your blueberry yogurt, and you really want to turn out this juice, so she will like it. First.. my old saying, you are only as good as the flavors you mix with. Logic behind this is… knowing your manufacture, the lab where it comes from and how they design the flavors you work with. It is your place to understand how these chemicals interact, as it is you, the recipe creator that is designing the juices. A lot comes into play, as if you are a low ohm, high-watt user and Bobby Sue is a medium ohm low watt user, yes, to her your juice will taste different. 😉 (there goes the clones!)

If you have a chance to meet up with a new flavor manufacture, the first thing is to always solo test. I can not stress this enough! Take the flavors as low as you can go, and then slowly raise them up up and up.. push them, as well as your equipment. Discover what they can do at your set up and then change your set up around. Bounce the flavors, bend them, make yourself understand exactly what these chemicals can and can’t do. Just do not fall into the traps of suggested use, or Johnny likes this at 13% so I must too, yet my biggies, a website says average use is 6%, all this does is let you know what others use these flavors at, own your own flavors, just like your tongue won’t be mine, and I can’t share my tastes with you, we are all different, and want this all to be done and over yesterday. Explore, discover, and then once you think you have that mastered, do it all over again! Yes.

As another discovery, those that like in your face flavorings at low ohms and high watts, when you do attempt to start low flavors, you will have issues tasting lower amounts of flavoring, as the higher amounts of flavorings will do your “buds” damage, and the low/weak flavorings will give your tongue trouble, until you raise it up higher. Make sense so far? Just like if Bobby Sue took a vape off a setup that is not like the way she likes it, of course, it will give her issues too.

What to do about this? go backwards.. raise your ohms up, lower your watts, in baby steps, just like with flavors you like as in your face, instead of using a particular flavor at 8%, step down to a 7.5% and then a 7%.. retrain your tongue, shake it up a bit! It works! and your pallet does adjust. It changes every 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, and by the time 3 years hit, your mouth isn’t tasting what it was 3 years before. In fact, I bet for those long term vapers, you don’t even vape the same juice you did 3 years ago.. 😉 this is due to pallet change, that causes you to want other flavors. It is also what I blame on my own tongue, as I do not have an all day vape. I rarely vape the same juice even for more than half a day. I keep around 12 different juices on my desk and vape at least half of them all day.

What I am saying here is don’t stagnate, but think on what and how  you vape, think outside the box and what could improve your mixing skills. Think, before you “gift” any juices out, towards the people that will be trying them. Just think,  if you could make your recipes just so drool worthy, they will always want to come back for more! You also want to try things you normally do not do, just to give your mouth a “shock” to wake up your tastebuds so they can get back to working for you, instead of sitting on the side lines.

The other thing I have discovered, specially working with ultra concentrates like Flavorah, is again back to my zombies and flavor overuse is that these flavors of ours do change with the amounts used. Sometimes they appear to taste like what they are, but you might not notice notes go missing when overused, or it might mute out from the get go, or fade over time (another biggie for flavor overuse) so use these with all this in mind. I hope, again that these notes of mine help out.

I really would love some feedback on these ideas of mine, so please dont be shy.. leave me a comment below! 🙂 ~S


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Roger Price
Roger Price

Smokey, Great article, make plenty of sense. also. I just recently was experimenting and when most mixes all taste the same I lowered the wattage I became locked in on and the flavors returned. I guess what I am saying is, I now get it that it is not going to be the same every day. There are so many factors involved that it become a constant HIDE and SEEK to reach what ones likes for that day. Just like Cool Vape, warm vape, very warm vape, there is a parallel to wattage also associated with flavor band and you… Read more »


95% of my vaping is done on mechanical Squonk boxes. I run those with 0.3 ohm fused Claptons so I don’t have variances in my vapes. I test the flavors for how I vape and I’m finding most of Flavorah’s flavors start getting funky above 5 drops in 10 ml of my testers. I’m loving Flavorah and using low amounts of flavor in my mixes. I still love wllmc’s Game Over Custard with it’s in your face flavor percentages, but I’m definitely in the less is more crowd. That being said, I occasionally will mix something up for a friend… Read more »