Red Tea

Red Tea? Oh my! Ok again, from The Spruce link you really need to read the article. I do believe, this is the Rooibos Tea. It’s not as black as black tea, and it’s a woodsy type taste. I tried it out as 4 new bottle drops in 10ml.. but I think I could go as high as 6 or .12g in 10ml..

A simple recipe I toyed with when I received the new bottles and flavors: Link here

As for the red tea, it’s a nice touch, red fruits won’t go too well with it, stick to pinks, yellows, or even the neutral fruits, like apples and pears.. Definitely a beautiful tea, and if you over do it, the first sign in a coating in your mouth. The second is that it becomes copying tea. I find this with all of the teas so far, but.. It could be me too.

I can see both of the Flavor honey types being used, very minimum amounts, the cloves and ginger, with all sorts of nuts creams and fruits. Do not be shy to try these out.. they are gorgeous and Flavorah really out did themselves here!

I know this is a short review, but I have new plans to keep adding to my notes here on site. So keep your eyes out, and any questions, there is the contact me, or anywhere on Facebook, either my profile or thru my page.

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