Red Velvet

Red Velvet and that little girl’s smile! Oh wrong song! LoL.. but the cake is perfect! Let’s find out where the hole in the cake goes! πŸ˜›

Now this, let’s get your tongue ready and here I go.. I did not start this with a 1 drop, I did 2 drops .04 grams and immediately there is this cake taste in my mouth and nose. who ever said inhaling your food is wacky, is wrong!! πŸ™‚ It is light so off to the 4 drops .08 grams .8%, and no here.. is the cake and the hints of a cream cheese icing, but you might want to keep the cake going, as with 6 drops .12 grams 1.2% the icing effect does fade out and the cake gets stronger, tastier. I’m doing 8 drops .16 grams or 1.8% and think this is where it needs to stop. It’s on that verge, that thin line, one tiny drop could push it too far for my liking. It’s thick, cake, dry, almost fake chocolate, just like the red velvet should be and I do believe Flavorah has a real winner here. If you don’t get a big bottle, it’s because I grabbed them all! πŸ™‚

for add ons: cream cheese icing hackΒ at the bottom of the page, I can see some chocolate deutch for a German Chocolate cake, some fruits like pineapple, orange, or even coffee to make it even darker.. bourbon for a boozy effect.. and your own spoon, I have mine tyvm!

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