Smooth Vanilla

I know, I just know, Flavorah is going to outdo themselves again and yes!! This here.. this smooth vanilla is a big surprise.. one I can say I appreciate! Find out more? Are you ready?


This is NOT a flavor! Not in the typical sense, it is an additive. I will keep this short & very sweet, I love you, Flavorah, but this should have had a warning, first for strength, second, I am addicted! and YES Please, big bottle. My experience: 1 drop .02 grams in 10mls, is omg delish, heavy but good.. this combined with the Alpine and it is a true winner.. mouth melting, i had to go whip up a 30ml with 1 drop smooth vanilla and 2 drops Alpine Strawberry and I yes, love it!! a smooth, sweet strawberry with hints of the finest vanilla, oh my!! But it took me a few to realize what this is, an additive, for you see, 2 drops .04 grams, or .4% is too much, it starts to turn bitter.. and at first I thought, maybe I had something on my brand new cotton and coil.. but no, for 4 drops in 10mls, in my mouth and out my nose, wow.. let’s just say I had to go find my netti pot and flush my poor nose out, that already suffers from the flu bug last week.

I am not complaining, do not take this as a rant, this is one of the very best, surprising vanilla’s I have ever come across. I am truly appreciating it in my simple strawberry and vanilla blend here atm, might even toss in some cool menthol.. wow.. I am in love!! with a creamy vanilla strawberry lol.. Get ready, will be after a big bottle next week. See you guys soon! xoxo and thank you for this one. You know how much I begged for it.. 🙂

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