Rants and Raves

Steeping ultra-concentrated flavors (Microwave)

Another subject I really need to touch on is how to steep, age, or blend your e-liquid/juice.

I see all sorts of methods from a shaker, frother, ultrasonic, and more. This is a big no, just do not do that. It is not needed! You can push ultra concentrates like Flavorah way too far and overdo it. It will turn mushy or muddled, bland.

You can and will lose flavor compounds and molecules.

To microwave or not

If you think you want to use the microwave  (wattage depending!), you can. Just know it really can hurt the flavor molecules.
For testing purposes tho, it will not hurt.

If you are using a 60ml or larger bottle, you want to skip the thought of nuking your ejuice!
I do not recommend the microwave, just use time.
It is better to use time and nuking your flavor blend can sometimes give an off-taste, due to the use of plastic and even glass with molecular changes.

You will want only a few second bursts, once you have your blend and your base together, without nicotine, for a 30ml.
The microwave I use is just an average one, at 1100watts, around 3-5 seconds, preferably in a glass or pet bottle.
You are aiming for warmer than the skin on your wrist, but not hot to where it will melt the bottle or burn yourself. Then give it a good shake and let it cool down. You will find the viscosity of the vg will change by thining down, but that is fine! This is just an experiment, and I really do not recommend you doing this to your juices. Remember again, those flavor compounds and molecules are very delicate, and can be damaged and destroyed.

Results matter

Since my playing around with the microwave, I rarely do it unless under pressure and need results fast.
I also have to note here, microwaving your juice has one drawback. It is too much and really is not needed.
It will make your flavors age a lot faster, and it will mute them a touch. Some might even have or leave a taste along with the juice.
Only knowing your flavors can help you figure out what to do and when. It is possible to nuke your juices, however, I do not suggest it.

In the end, everything is up to .. You!

I will say what I have said for years too, time works wonders. If you do not agree with the microwave method, at least leave the rest off and just try time. Most of Flavorah’s flavors, when mixed at the right amounts, only need a week at the most to become beautiful like they are meant to.
They only age better with time. Anything longer than this, chances are, you are just using too much.

These are my facts based on observation. You are more than welcome to experiment however you feel like. This post is at least 3+ years old.. most know of this already, but if you are new to diy and still want to try, just remember what happens to your juice when you do use a microwave.