Rants and Raves


Or why choose to use one brand versus multiple brands..

Here I have been for the last bit, thinking how long I have used Flavorah flavors. I don’t add any other manufacture. Let that sink in. I do not use any other brand. I enjoy Flavorah, the taste, and the effects I can get from my mixes. It really is that simple. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hear questions like, why is sticking to one brand good or bad? Folks bring up well “x” mango or what ever flavor.. might be better than sticking to one brand. Really?

To explain why I stick to one brand, first.. shipping and time cost. having to shop 4 different vendors, plus the shipping and the time to fill a cart, to find out they did not have my again, “x” flavor from yet another maker.

It just makes sense to stick to one manufacture.

So when I am asked or told they will sub out a flavor..
A: they don’t have or don’t want to put an order in
B; Can’t afford it yet
C: think they know the flavor in question; can guess by looking at my amounts and ASSUMING they know the outcome..

Really? wow… Sometimes it is worth mixing up a recipe the way it is written to understand the flow or the taste of the recipe, before bringing in subs.. otherwise, you are just creating yet another recipe. A recipe that might have a similar profile, but the odd naunces that create the recipe I made, was only from one manufacture.

If I a truly interested in mixing up a recipe I see, non-Flavorah, I will go and buy those flavors. 9 times out of 10, either the recipe had some issues, or I just did not like and enjoy the way the recipe tasted.. My own taster issues, as it could be nothing wrong with that non flv recipe, just what I taste and think.. Perception, it can be gruesome!

At one time, I had over 3k bottles of flavor. I would hate to tally up the cost of keeping those flavors up and current. It was really ridiculous! I chose the simple path and if anything, it keeps me happy, and my happiness matters to me. Not out to impress anyone else, just me myself and I. I can not complain about the taste of Flavorah’s flavors., I can virtually mix anything that I have a craving for. I do not have an all day vape, but I do have certain profiles I vape more of. That is alright too!

Did you notice, all manufacturers have what is called a “back taste” and if you vape them enough, you can figure out which is which. I did, and it really distracted me from the juice. I don’t get that with flavorah, as theirs is so far in the background, to me.. it’s just not there. After using Flavorah for this long, and really enjoying what I mix with the flavors, I keep finding why I stick to Flavorah. I get a lot of off-tastes, or the flavors are just too artificial. The recipe using a non-flavorah, I can normally spot it quick. It can become really distracting for sensitive tasters.

When I can keep my recipes at a certain percentage, when I know how the flavor will react to what I mix it with, I certainly can digress! I have put years into solos, combos, trios, and more. I have had recipes with 50 flavors and then some with 3 flavors. I believe with all this time, I know what I have gotten into, what I like, and definitely, what I do not like.

When you get into flavor houses, and research who really has made that gorgeous green apple or that milky chocolate that coils do not burn, you will find your niche. So if you find yourself subbing out just because you can’t wait for yet another flavor order.. remind yourself to pick up the original flavors, to make sure you are not missing out. ๐Ÿ™‚ You never know what you could be missing out on.

Happy mixing, everybody! ๐Ÿ™‚