Flavor Notes

Sugar Orchid

Are you ready for this one? It’s special… sweet sugar orchid!!

Pretty Gum paste sugar orchid!

On to the sweet candy sugar flowers you stick on cakes, haha! If you are looking for an alternative to the sweeteners, this is the one for you.. with it’s meringue hints, as well as a powdery sugar sweetness.. watch out.. you will never have enough sweet in a bottle! Take it too high tho.. and that gummy paste will pop out every time!

I use Sugar Orchid in all different types of recipes, from 1 drop (yes) to around .4% is my tolerance. It’s good for things with frosting, from cakes to cookies and even just with fruits, nuts and tobaccos. It can get lost in a bunch of creams so be aware!

This reminds me of my best bud, Sessionsdrummer.. I remember when I created this recipe and he had to try it out.. it really is a must try and the good thing.. you only need.. 1 drop.. Here is to you, Sd.. love ya my vape bro!!

Smoky Blue’s Just drops [How low to go] 

Alpine Strawberry (Flavorah)0.06
Pistachio (Flavorah)0.06
Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah)0.06
Smooth Vanilla (Flavorah)0.06
Sugar Orchid (Flavorah)0.06
Sweetness (Flavorah)0.06
Vanilla Bean (Flavorah)0.06
White Chocolate (Flavorah)0.06

Flavor total: 0.48%

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