SXMini Nano (Contest)

I am posting this for Tim Allen, the winner of the contest I tossed in my FB Group.

The win was that he picked up the mod, and sent in a very nice review of it for me. I am posting the review here, as I do not allow guest posts here. Too many issues with guest postings and comments stopped all of that, but on to his review! πŸ™‚

My Review of the SX nano mini
Contents of package include:
ο‚· SX nano mini-MOD (black)
ο‚· ADA V2 Mouthpiece (came with plastic tip and a heat resistant metal tip)
ο‚· 2-ADA V2 Coil Sets (disposable)
ο‚· 2-e-liquid Reservoirs (2ml capacity)
ο‚· Type c USB charging cable
ο‚· Box of 5 ADA V2 Coil Sets (0.6 ohm SS316L)
ο‚· User Manual
ο‚· Coil Set Installation Guide
ο‚· First Use Instructions
ο‚· Warranty Card
First impression of SX nano:
ο‚· Smaller MOD than most MODS
ο‚· Sleek Body
ο‚· Aluminum case (Black matte finish)
ο‚· Sides are ribbed for easy grip
ο‚· Nice silver trim around outside edge giving the unit a classy style
ο‚· Fire Button in top center for easy use
ο‚· Adjustable air flow (two small orifices a little hard to see)
o Open one hole for MTL vape
o Open both holes for DL vape
ο‚· Three vaping temperatures
o Cool, Normal & Warm
ο‚· Auto Squonk feature is very nice
o As you pull on the vape, you can hear and feel the pump inside drawing your e-
liquid from the reservoir to the coil.
ο‚· Pump speeds adjustable for more or less e-juice
o Pump speed adjustable on each temperature setting

Vaping with this SX nano mini:
ο‚· Initially charged the unit so I could test it without interruption
ο‚· According to the First Use Instructions, I filled the reservoir and slid it up into the body
(nice snug fitment), pressed the fire button once with short hold to start the automatic
e-liquid pump and this started priming the new ADA V2 coil.
ο‚· After a few moments the screen stated I was ready to vape.
ο‚· Initially the unit is set to Normal temperature and the pump speed is set to 40
ο‚· As a DL vaper I tried using the SX nano mini as MTL (air adjusted to 1 hole) which was
satisfying, nice flavor, vapor and pull restriction mimicked drawing on a cigarette.
ο‚· I switched to both air holes open and used it as DL, which was a little more restrictive
than I am used to.
ο‚· I love the ability to fine tune the temperature, air flow and pump speed.
ο‚· The firmware installed enables the system to never give you a dry hit (this is a game
changer for me because I hate vaping burned cotton, yuk)
ο‚· Navigating with the two smaller buttons renders the following:

o Temp control – Cool, Normal, Warm
o Pump speed – 25 to 60 (for each temp setting)
ο‚· Pressing the fire button 3x locks or unlocks the MOD
ο‚· Pressing the fire button renders the easy and seamless menu:
o Help – Instructs what to do if you get an airy hit – increase pump speed or if the
coils overflow – decrease pump speed.
o Exit – Exit the menu screen
o Shutdown – Powers down the MOD
o Brightness – Adjust the screen brightness
o Auto-Lock – Adjustable from 1-10 minutes or Off
o Update – Communication with computer application to enable firmware update

For me, the only con is the thinness of the unit making it easy to tip, so I will be making a stand
to house it when not in use.
Bottom line: I really love this SX nano mini!
I love that is fits really nice in my hand, (small, lightweight but feels very solid).
I love the placement of the β€œfire” button because it is naturally where my thumb is while
holding, I don’t have to hunt for.
I love to auto Squonk feature, I usually vape with a sub-ohm tank because I do not like the
dripper type (my hands are way too busy to keep dripping e-liquid).
I love the ADA V2 coils for their ease of use. No threading a coil into the tank, using plyers to
loosen too tight coils. Just pop the AVA coil in or out when your done with it, super nice!
I love the super easy to use/understand menu for settings, vape temp and pump speed. The
screen is easy to read, my eyes are too old for small font.
I love that you can alter the temperature of the vape, pump speed and air flow depending on its
use, MTL lower temp, more restrictive air flow and slower pump speed whereas DL, I can use
the β€œWarm” temperature, increase the pump speed and open up the air flow for a more sub-
ohm experience. In addition, these adjustments to pump speed stay consistent to setting used
at each temperature (don’t have to keep adjusting, nice!)
I love the flexibility this MOD has, ease of use, easy to update, easy to maintain, fine tune
adjustability and most of all, just chill and vape.
Overall, I give this SX nano mini a perfect 10!

SXMini Nano Mod package, 5 pack of coils, and 3 of Smoky's Shots
This is what I sent him, the mod, complete with the RSA, the other drip tip, the package came with 2 coils, a 5 pack of coils and 3 of my Shots πŸ™‚
This is how it is set up.. Very nice picture, Tim!

Thank you, Tim.. I really hope you are still enjoying the mod. Your detailed attention with it is really appreciated. I hope you vape some fantastic juices and that you post up more reviews. You are fab!

Thanks again!