Cherimoya is the next flavor up for today. Honestly, if I listen to how it is like a custard with apple, the more I laugh! Yes you can taste an apple custard, if you have it up too high, for reals! However, when I tested this one particular flavor out, not sure why I did this, but I had my rda dripper coiled at .05 ohms, a semi loose coil, and I had my watts at 35, I didn’t get much of an apple custard type taste at all. I got a blend of light fruits like banana, pineapple, papaya, peach, and strawberry. I even think I might have had some persimmon in there too. Really tropical, juicy, not over done, just a bunch of good mixed fruits.. and if there was any custard in there, extremely light tasting. How did I come up with this? I used it at 6 drops .12 grams, in my 10ml bottle. Why? Because I want to test out how the flavor would taste, if someone with not much experience mixing, was playing with this gorgeous flavor.

I thought being as it was a lighter smelling flavor, I would start this one at 6 drops, and run it up to around 16 drops. I enjoyed the 6 drops, even as light as it is, but at 9 drops, I picked up even more of the mixed tropical fruit taste, not too bad at all, and keep thinking I need a larger bottle of this one, just to play with more. Here is the kicker, at 12 drops, I noticed some flavor change after a overnight sit. Was it bad? No, not really, but I could tell there was a flavor change upcoming. at 16 drops and in my tank on a .25 ohm, using 65 watts, there it is, more creamy custard, and I will be jiggly, the hints of apple.. hmm.. I ended up losing the bottle of 16 drops and found it a few days ago, not much change, but it was an apple custard, with the start of a funky background. The coolest thing I think, is the way the real fruit grows, sort of like an apple, but it’s a bit white, and big black seeds you can easy pick out. (Seeds aren’t good to eat!) So.. even tho I did up a simple recipe, I still want to tinker with this one. it made it to the get a bigger bottle to play with list!

Cherimoya Ice Cream

9 drops .18 grams Cherimoya
6 drops .12 grams Cream
3 drops .06grams Marshmallow

If you have any vanillin, add a bit here, but keep it low, as this is a very light flavor to begin with. I enjoy it just as it is, plain and simple is sometimes a really good change up!

Apple Pop

Gee, Apple Pop. This is in my opinion, this flavor I never ever expected to turn out the way it has. As a solo, eh.. if you like sweet and tart apple peels, this is your taste, not mine. However, don’t toss the apple out the cooler because I am not a big fan; you might like this, just as a solo, its limping along. I guess I expected a apple soda or a candied apple. Will keep this short and sweet, heading on to the recipe I made with this one.. 😉

*edited… I used 9 drops .18 grams and then 18 drops .36 grams in a 10ml and both I just was not a fan of.. it could be allergies that have kicked in, or just me.. I don’t know.

Candied Apple Pops 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Green Apple
12 drops .24 grams Apple Pop
6 drops .12 grams Red Apple
3 drops .06 grams Butterscotch
3 drops .06 grams Caramel
3 drops .06 grams Cream
1 drop .02 grams Candy Roll

You could add in malic and citric acid, some vanillin, maybe a light touch of kentucky bourbon, or even white chocolate, there are a lot of options if you think on this flavor that tastes like red apple peels.  🙂

The outcome with this, a candied apple with hints of dulce de leche, after a 2 day sit time. Sweet, but tart with the apple pop. Left to sit for week, it’s beautiful and does change my respect for the apple pop flavor. However, as a solo, apple pop won’t do it for me. I tried. 🙂

Apple Filling

Apple filling, what to do with it? Make pies, or.. you could make cookies, milkshakes, even fill in your nuts and tobaccos! This apple filling is so versatile. and ready to go, even with a touch of ap (that bready note stuff! ) and a bit of cookie and crunch cereal, will make the best pie crust you have ever tasted! The cinnamon used here is perfect, not too heavy or too light, and its almost like you can eat this stuff right out the glass jar your Nana used to store away, at apple season time!

I have a few hints tips and tricks with this one, so before I go slinging out a recipe, let me tell you what all I have discovered with this flavor. Hint #1, it builds a good pie crust. Hint #2, it helps along with banana with said pie crust, add yogurt to apple filling, and it turns close to a sweet tart, depending on how much yogurt, too much and it will just be apple filling gurt.. haha! Hint #3, used with citrus in nuts and tobaccos, it can add in a good taste, good body and mouth feel, as well as lighten up hard tobaccos. Hint #4 with nuts, it adds a glossy feel and taste texture. Hint #5 used with caramels and butterscotch coconut and citrus, can brighten up your mix, instead of having a flat type taste, it can boost up boring profiles. Now with all this knowledge.. what to toss out from my huge stack of recipes?

Let’s go with… Apple filling beer nut sticky buns, or as I call it, icky sticky! 😛 Don’t worry, nothing will stick to anything, but your tongue!

Icky Sticky 30ml

8 drops .16 grams Apple Filling
8 drops .16 grams Custard
6 drops .12 grams Beer Nuts
6 drops .12 grams Fried Dough
3 drops .06 grams Banana
3 drops .06 grams Sweet Coconut
1 drops .02 grams Bourbon**Optional!

And there you have it, the Icky Sticky! If you mix this one, please let it at least sit up over night, playing with itself and blending nicely.. Do not microwave, or any other speed steeping techniques. This flavor will grow and become the best thing since sliced bread! and thank Nana when you get a chance 😉 My mom used to make these for me growing up on Sunday mornings.. It was a favorite brunch “thang” besides her french toast.. <3 🙂

Apple Cranberry

Apple Cranberry doesn’t go well with coffee in the morning! Good thing I finished my coffee before trying this one out! I ran my bottles, from 3 drops .06 grams to 15 drops .30 grams (all 10ml bottles) and you would know, I picked up the one with 9 drops this morning and put it on my dripper! Just for giggles. Kind of glad I did it that way, as the flavor that hits me the most is cranberry, then the apple. Not saying bad at all, just expected the apple to say hi first. Tart, yes please, but it’s also a sweet taste, gorgeous really. I can see this in bunches of recipes like with other mixed fruits, tobaccos and creams.

I’d think this would really be more appreciated in the fall, right around Halloween thru Valentine’s day. Light but with full body, and I might even take this up a touch higher, say  around 12, but no higher than that. The aftertaste has left me hungry for the apples I have sitting on my counter. I was going to make apple cranberry chutney, as a vape, however, I have a craving for oatmeal cookies, so cookies it is, and my chutney recipe is a bit more advanced. I want to keep things simple for now, so you too must like my cookies! 🙂 Without waiting more.. here is…

Apple Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies! (trust me, you will love this!)

12 drops .24 grams Apple Cranberry
6 drops .12 grams Oatmeal Raisin
6 drops .12 grams Cheesecake
3 drops .06 grams Banana
3 drops .06 grams Yogurt

Now for what I think of this one.. it’s not a in your face, isn’t meant to be. If you want to raise up the taste, do it in increments of 2 drops only! Pushed too far, this will turn chemically. It’s also why if you keep things low, the flavor will grow on you, it wont take long to steep, and the way I have it, it’s good enough for me! In 3 days, once it’s had time to sit and mingle, it tastes like a good cookie with some fluffy bits, and the apple cranberry and raisin are all happy in my tank. I think I might take this one out to paint my porch today!

Try it out, spin it around and see what you think! You might want to add a dash of blood orange to this mix, to make the fruits pop out even more! There are other add ins you can do, but for now, this is a simple cookie recipe! 🙂


Fresh, with this apple, I thee bite! Ha! Tastes just like it came straight from the orchard, but not a red, green or granny smith. I took the run I normally make, and did a few 10ml bottles up, starting at 3, 6, 9, 12, and 16 bottle drops.

Now for the taste, absolutely the best! It took me 9 bottle drops or .18 grams to really get a good taste of it, almost something else with it, a citrus back note. At 12 drops, the flesh turns up, really nice! Almost to the point I have juice running down my mouth, the skin is there, and I don’t taste any apple seeds. 12 drops is spot on! 16 drops pushed it to where it started getting chemically on me, and I really did not care for it at all! Remember, for each of my drops, I get .02 grams, so at .18 grams, I was in the apple zone!

Now for a quick recipe, as I do have painting to finish up today..

Apple Juice

9 drops .18 grams Apple
6 drops .12 grams Marshmallow
2 drops .04 grams Coconut

This is all you need to make a good Juice box type drink vape! Yeps! See the marshmallow helps with the body, and the coconut, yes, you have to use the coconut, it brings out the “liquidy” feel of the juice, do not skimp or sub out! Now.. if you want a cold juice, go ahead and add 3-6 drops of cool menthol, and shake really good when you add your base. Let it sit up over night, and you too can cruise down the street, vaping on your apple juice!

Make sure to wave at me when you go by! 🙂

More apple reviews later tonight, if I can.. if not, tomorrow morning..