Sweet basil, yes! If you haven’t played with this one, you are missing out! I have toyed with this flavor for the last two days now, and run the range in my 10ml bottles, like usual, 1, 3 and 5 drops, just got giggles! Do not use basil in 10ml with more than 3 drops, just don’t!

First impressions, cool, sweet but spicy, rather impressive! I can see this is varied fruits, creamy nuts and tobaccos. 1 drop (.02grams) is a bit week, 3 is pushing it, so stick with 2 drops in a blended recipe. Trust me, you will enjoy this, even with a name like basil!


Strawberry Spiced Cheesecake 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Cheesecake
4 drops .08 grams Basil
4 drops .08 grams Brie
4 drops .08 grams Yogurt
2 drops .04 grams Alpine strawberry

Let sit for 2 days and then test it out. Remember to shake very very good, every so often while it sits and mingles.. it will love you long time!

Lime Fuzzy 30ml

6 drops .12 grams Lime Wedge
6 drops .12 grams Cool Menthol
4 drops .08 grams Basil
4 drops .08 grams Yogurt
1 drops .02 grams Cucumber

Let sit over night after a quick mix up.. It really did turn out well, surprisingly.. I tried this out maybe 3 hours after mixing, and I bet mine won’t last thru tonight! 🙂 Your taste might vary, but I enjoy this.
You might want to add in some type of orange or citrus flavor too.