Cranberry flavors always remind me of parties, celebrations and holidays. Sweet but tart, from berry fruit to desserts, it’s a versatile flavor that can be very unexpected! A powerful pop in juices, or even desserts like apple pies! I used to love picking them for my grandmother to make her famous cranberry cookies, sort of like a jammed up cookie with pineapples and mandarins.. I miss those! Will have to make a batch super soon. I also miss my grandmother even more.

You can try testing them out from 2 drops .04 grams up to around 6 drops .12 grams in 10ml bottles, 8 drops .16 grams to me was just too much for my little 10ml, but expect to taste cranberry immediately! It does tend to get top note heavy when used with a heavy hand, so keep this one low and enjoy all the ranges of notes in this beautifully done flavor!

Berry Jello Shot! 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Cranberry
6 drops .12 grams Berry Blend
6 drops .12 grams Acai
6 drops .12 grams Cotton Candy
3 drops .06 grams Marshmallow

Bet you can’t keep it to one bottle! 😛 This is a fantastic bright red fruit mix, always refreshing! You could add in some cool menthol at 4 – 6 drops too.. Let it sit at least overnight, but best after 3 days..


What a cute, tart flavor, boysenberry! This is the one everyone rants and raves over! I will tell you the best secret with it, too! Keep it on the down low, but less is more with this berry! The ranges of use I have seen, I swear I should be bald! Shush tho, if someone likes this flavor at 3-13%, Bob is Your uncle, not mine! 🙂  So let me get on with this, eh?

When I played the ranges with this cutie, going from 2 drops .04 grams up to 10 drops .20 grams (mind you, my drops are still 50 drops for a ml) in a 10ml bottle; at 2 drops .04 grams, I got a light taste of berries, almost immediately after sitting overnight. So I grab my coffee, and kick back. The next one I snagged was the 10 drops .20 grams for giggles. When I popped it up on my dripper, I didn’t know what to think at first. A bit like chemical candy, with a back taste I did not appreciate. Who really thought this flavor thru, is what I was thinking. However, glancing down, yeps it was the 10 drop bottle, no wonder! A quick cotton change up, and I was back on my way, with a few moments to tell my taste buds to buckle up, let’s find that perfect boysenberry spot! 6 drops .12 grams was still a bit strong, and a touch of funky on the exhale.. so, I went to 4 drops .08, and omgosh.. like someone handed me some berries that could pass for candy, but yet still, that real fruit explosion going on in my mouth! This is it, for me. Your journey might vary!

So now.. for a good recipe to share for tonight, the last one for the day. Let me see what I have in my big notebook; something I really did enjoy using.

Boysenberry Cobbler with Cream 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Boysenberry
6 drops .12 grams Lemonade
6 drops .12 grams Cream
3 drops .06 grams Apple Filling
3 drops .06 grams Crunch Cereal
3 drops .06 grams Cookie
3 drops .06 grams Ginger

Okay now we can taste flavors!! Yes indeed, let this one sit around for a few days to maybe 5 days, at the most, if’n you cna keep your paws off it! I think this is all self explanatory, the apple filling helps to support the crunch cereal and the cookie to create the cobbler! Yes, cobbler taste here! ginger is here, because it just brings out the depth in the cobbler and keeps me happy. If you do not like it, you do not have to use it, but it does make a really nice taste! 🙂

Happy vaping! If you like this one, or have one to share, drop me a note, as I love feedback! 🙂 ~S.

Berry Blend

Berry blend, is really a good mix and the things I have done with this one amaze me. One mix right after the other, smooth, sweet, tart, bold, light, and tangy, it’s got it all wrapped up inside the bottle!

What to do with all this berry goodness? Well, mix with it, of course! From water, to jello and cookies, even cakes and e juice, there is no limit with berry blend! I took it from 3 drops up to 9 drops in my 10ml bottles. At 3 drops (.06 grams) , it’s a light mixed berry, nice but could be stronger. 6 drops (.18 grams) was very good, fresh berries just bursting in my mouth, and it was closer to the edge when you can pick up something funky; might want to keep this one closer between 3-6 drops in any given recipe, as 8 drops was too much funk! 🙂

Mixed berry Yogurt Bars 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Berry Blend
12 drops .24 grams Yogurt
9 drops .18 grams Sour Apple
6 drops .12 grams Cheesecake
6 drops .12 grams Cool Menthol*
3 drops .06 grams Coconut

This is one of my favorite go to recipes, and for me, it’s a perfect yogurt bar! To thicken it up and give a good mouth feel, you might want to add 6 drops crunch cereal, as well as 6 drops marshmallow. If you like cool pops, the cool menthol will behave as a cool feel, but for colder, up to around 9 drops .18 grams. Do not add the cool menthol until a the day before you want to try this, as cool menthol does have a habit of fading out after a week or more+, at least for me.

Alpine Strawberry

French King Charles V used to love his alpine strawberry plants, as they are one of the oldest strawberries in the world.  The plants are very ornamental. They form attractive green mounds with white blossoms staring out above the foliage from atop thin flower stalks. The neat, compact habit of non-running alpine strawberries makes them ideal for edgings. However, they are not the most ideal, due to how little they produce. The fruits taste like cotton until dead ripe. When they are ready for harvest, the fruits become so aromatic a single ripe berry perfumes the air all around the plant. It’s a fragrance that rivals the most intoxicating of flowers. At this stage the fruit is so soft it almost crushes when picked. They show up in different colors, the typical strawberry red, the whites, and the yellows; all alpines are just fantastic!

Flavorah’s Alpine Strawberry, just hits the spot, so no matter how many strawberries you can find and eat, from the bottle, it’s just a perfect strawberry. Using a drop per 10ml, it’s super heavy, rich in flavor. Some use it extremely light, while others I have seen, use it heavy handed, 6%, even 10% and wonder why the flavor isn’t right. Easy does it with this one, even 1% is just too much! My use is different, I do go a bit heavy with it, but I love it that way. The most I will ever use is 3 bottle drops (.06 grams) in a 30ml/1 ounce bottle. I have made so many different recipes with Alpine Strawberry because it is the first flavor I fell in love with! Thanks to Flavorah, I always keep a bottle around.. 🙂

So onto the recipes! The first one is very simple!

Alpine Strawberry Mouse

Alpine Strawberry Mousse 30ml

3 drops .06 grams Alpine Strawberry
6 drops .12 grams Cream
6 drops .12 grams Vanilla Pudding
3 drops .06 grams White Chocolate

Very simple mix, ready in a few days.. tasty, fun and quickly gone!

and my next one.. again, Alpine is fun to work with, as long as you keep it low!!

Strawberry Napoleons
Alpine Strawberry Napoleon

3 drops .06 grams Alpine Strawberry
6 drops .18 grams Cream
6 drops .18 grams Custard
6 drops .18 grams Vanilla Pudding
3 drops .06 grams Crunch Cereal
6 drops .18 grams Macaroon
3 drops .06 grams Sweet Dough
3 drops .06 grams Sweetener
3 drops .06 grams Vicious Vanillin

This one is a fun, light strawberry filled cross between a pastry and cookie. Easy on the tongue, and will make you drain your bottle, so bottoms up! 🙂

The reason why Alpine Strawberry is so high in cost is due to the compounds needed to create it. Just like the fruit, it’s how little they produce in aromas.. so don’t freak out and have regrets, at least snag a little bottle. You will be glad you did. A little bot goes a long long way.


What is the acai flavor good for? Today’s first topic, the acai berry, is a cross between a grape and a blueberry. It’s a purple berry, with lots of good flavor, and eating the real berry, is very good for you. Health claims galore, but what can it do for your eliquid?

Well, at least one popular juice creator has used it, Space Jam‘s Andromeda, for one, as a hidden flavor in their blueberry pomegranate juice. This flavor will go nicely with other blue berry types or even red berries. Pairing with chocolates, for me, washes out that tiny bit of chocolate you get, if you are using it too high! Yes, people do tend to lean hard on this flavor, and acai is supposed to be a medium type.. never harsh! and when it’s taken to the extreme, that chocolate bit does pop out, every time! (ie: anything over 2.5% is just too much!) Use a cream with it, nuts or even tobaccos, to lend a helping hand to them and allow the other bits to become boldly razzed up!.

For me tho, I wanted to make a good recipe with it, something natural, and would keep me happy for morning times. I tinkered and played with this one flavor over a few weeks, as I wanted to see just how it would play off with other types. I picked this final recipe, after a ton of others. I hope you will enjoy it.

Hawaii 5-0 Rainbows 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Acai
6 drops .12 grams Horchata
6 drops .12 grams Macaroon
6 drops .12 grams Red Raspberry*
6 drops .12 grams Strawberry
3 drops .06 grams Banana
3 drops .06 grams Blueberry
3 drops .06 grams Kiwi

I didn’t have a pomegranate in the FLV selection, so I changed it to red raspberry, and pretty happy I did. It’s still a razzy red berry, and will work with the rest of the fruits to maintain a good bright turnout for me. Why did I add Horchata? A few reasons, it smells too good, its a nice sweet cream and has spice! 🙂 My suggestion with this recipe is do let it sit for a few days, after the 3rd day it comes around really nice, and it’;s tempting to empty my juice bottle, but this one I see me hoarding for special occasions, not just a morning quick vape! 🙂

I hope I covered everything with the acai berry flavor, and if I left anything out, let me know. If you try my recipe, give me feedback and if you like it enough to share, please accredit me! 🙂