Crystals, Powders and Thoughts..

They say I am a legend. I don’t see where anyone can say that. I am just me, and yes, I am a flavor chaser. I love to play in flavors and make my world full of tastes!
This is not what this post is about, but I get a laugh when I hear legend.. 😉

Crystals and powders, oh my, what to do?
Well good friends don’t allow other friends to mix with junk! So let me tell you, why I pick what I do. From flavors to nicotine and additives, even base, for the best possible fresh tasting effect. For the thrill of good juice and even better times!

By choosing the crystal and powder form of additives, you choose when you mix them, you know they are the freshest, and your satisfaction of a better than decent outcome. What sparked my interest in these forms? Dealing with resellers and manufactures that had these mixed in ready to go forms, and not knowing how long they have sat on someone’s shelf. When I found out that Driphacks had some, I checked them out and was tickled to find even more than I thought. So yes, a shout out to them over in the UK! <3

You can mix these up at 10-25% per volume, to obtain something like what The flavor apprentice (tfa/tpf/fa) has, or you can do it my way. I like to take things by the tablespoon, and yeah I know what you will say, wtf! but it is true, simple fast, no measurement except for a tablespoon. You see, I like to mix my additives by the 4oz (120ml) so I am not mixing them up all the time. I probably use more than the average diyer, as well. so.. but rule of thumb, add till you see no more, and then add some more, for total saturation. You do not want to add so much that it can not be completely dissolved. If that happens, wait for it all to settle, around a few days, and then decant from the top. Dealing with crystals, you can grind them up or use whole chunks, like menthol crystals, and watch them melt into your base.

Once you get used to this method, you really will not need as much as what you would with the additives you buy from anywhere else. If less is more, and less is better.. shouldn’t your additives be just that as well? the way I use ws-5 is 3-6 bottle drops, or from .02 grams to .12 grams, and with AP,  and the rest of their crystals and powders,  around the same amount used. Mega strong! and you will save time and $ doing it this way. 🙂

If anyone has any questions, needs me to go into further detail, or runs across something new, be sure to give me a shout and tell me all about it.. I love to experiment! So far, drip hacks is the best! I will be back for more soon, I have a few on my list now!


Cucumber! Alrighty, first let’s here what Flavorah has to say on this flavor:

A fresh and innovative flavor profile that vapes like a happy hours cocktail. Don’t bother turning up your pinky finger when you burn this…it’s not a light airy essence, it’s a good fresh and full hitting vegetal vape. Delightful with a cooling menthol, or can be happily blended with some fruits for a very condescending and upscale juice from the top shelf. Capital!

Now for mine. Cucumber, at least to me, is a very accurate name and yes, just like it’s namesake! The very first word of advise I will give is go slow. I attempted what I assumed would be the most awesomest (hehe!) melon cucumber juice ever, and boy was I so wrong!! You really need maybe 1 drop.02 grams in a 30ml, or even maybe 1 drop in 60ml! It is an in your face brilliant bold cucumber taste, fresh and if vape had crisp, yeah, could even put hairs on people’s chests! 🙂

I am very familiar with all the juicing and healthy drink blends so I didn’t give up, I just switched my flavors around and tried this one.

Alegro! 60ml

9 drops .18 grams Green Apple (yes no pic of the green, eh!!)
12 drops .24 grams Red Apple
9 drops .18 grams Lemon
1 drops .02 grams Cucumber
1 drops .02 grams Ginger
1 drops .02 grams Coconut

Now this one… it shines! Give it maybe a 3 day sit and play period and I will say, refreshing and just tasty..
I’d add in some cool menthol or some Ice, around 6 to 9 drops.. Perfect for hot sunny days out and about.
Had a few people stop and ask me what I was vaping on, and Alegro just suits this concoction of mine..
If you make it, please leave me some feedback! tks! ~S



Cool Menthol

At first I wanted to call Cool Menthol an additive, but that isn’t the case at all! It really is a flavor. It has its pros, like cool refreshing and that is the best, however that menthol! It is really good, but very mild. I think most shy away from this due to the menthol in the name, but if you are looking to create a cool refreshing taste, this is the flavor you will want to use, just don’t be shy about it.

To test it out, I ran my 10ml bottles out, from 2 drops to 10 drops, just to be a bit freaky, and what I discovered is, that I must crave, at least in the summer, a higher amount than my normal usages. In the 2 drop .04 grams bottle, I found it extremely light, but it was there.. at 4 drops .08 grams, it is a light, coo. and refreshing bit.. but it tends to fade out within a few weeks (that is one of the issues using things like this as well as koolada and ws23, ws3, etc as it will fade out) at 6 drops .12 grams it becomes a bit stronger, and in the range of what I really crave right now, but it leaves a bit of a taste back I just cant stand. Using 8 drops .16 grams in 10ml is just way too much and maybe it might be me, but it zeros itself out and totally mutes within a few days.

So the con is that used too much, it can not only mute itself, but other flavors in the juice too.. slow and steady with this one.. find your own limit.

Poolside Slushy 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Dragon Fruit
6 drops .12 grams Blueberry
3 drops .06 grams Acai
6 drops .12 grams Cream
2 drops .04 grams Alpine Strawberry
6 drops .12 grams Cool Menthol

Let it sit up over night, then take to the pool.. nice on a hot summer day to kick back with friends, while enjoying the summer blue berry days, just chilling! 🙂


Sweet basil, yes! If you haven’t played with this one, you are missing out! I have toyed with this flavor for the last two days now, and run the range in my 10ml bottles, like usual, 1, 3 and 5 drops, just got giggles! Do not use basil in 10ml with more than 3 drops, just don’t!

First impressions, cool, sweet but spicy, rather impressive! I can see this is varied fruits, creamy nuts and tobaccos. 1 drop (.02grams) is a bit week, 3 is pushing it, so stick with 2 drops in a blended recipe. Trust me, you will enjoy this, even with a name like basil!


Strawberry Spiced Cheesecake 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Cheesecake
4 drops .08 grams Basil
4 drops .08 grams Brie
4 drops .08 grams Yogurt
2 drops .04 grams Alpine strawberry

Let sit for 2 days and then test it out. Remember to shake very very good, every so often while it sits and mingles.. it will love you long time!

Lime Fuzzy 30ml

6 drops .12 grams Lime Wedge
6 drops .12 grams Cool Menthol
4 drops .08 grams Basil
4 drops .08 grams Yogurt
1 drops .02 grams Cucumber

Let sit over night after a quick mix up.. It really did turn out well, surprisingly.. I tried this out maybe 3 hours after mixing, and I bet mine won’t last thru tonight! 🙂 Your taste might vary, but I enjoy this.
You might want to add in some type of orange or citrus flavor too.