Cucumber! Alrighty, first let’s here what Flavorah has to say on this flavor:

A fresh and innovative flavor profile that vapes like a happy hours cocktail. Don’t bother turning up your pinky finger when you burn this…it’s not a light airy essence, it’s a good fresh and full hitting vegetal vape. Delightful with a cooling menthol, or can be happily blended with some fruits for a very condescending and upscale juice from the top shelf. Capital!

Now for mine. Cucumber, at least to me, is a very accurate name and yes, just like it’s namesake! The very first word of advise I will give is go slow. I attempted what I assumed would be the most awesomest (hehe!) melon cucumber juice ever, and boy was I so wrong!! You really need maybe 1 drop.02 grams in a 30ml, or even maybe 1 drop in 60ml! It is an in your face brilliant bold cucumber taste, fresh and if vape had crisp, yeah, could even put hairs on people’s chests! 🙂

I am very familiar with all the juicing and healthy drink blends so I didn’t give up, I just switched my flavors around and tried this one.

Alegro! 60ml

9 drops .18 grams Green Apple (yes no pic of the green, eh!!)
12 drops .24 grams Red Apple
9 drops .18 grams Lemon
1 drops .02 grams Cucumber
1 drops .02 grams Ginger
1 drops .02 grams Coconut

Now this one… it shines! Give it maybe a 3 day sit and play period and I will say, refreshing and just tasty..
I’d add in some cool menthol or some Ice, around 6 to 9 drops.. Perfect for hot sunny days out and about.
Had a few people stop and ask me what I was vaping on, and Alegro just suits this concoction of mine..
If you make it, please leave me some feedback! tks! ~S