Custard, I swear Flavorah must have gotten this recipe straight from my mother, who got it from her great grandmother. Tastes just exactly how a good custard should be. Thick, but thin, rich decadent and omg so delish in anything I toss it at. This is what I would call the stove top method to creating a good custard.

How I tested it: from 2 bottle drops .04 grams in a 10ml, up to 8 drops .16 grams in a 10ml. Verdict, can really taste it at 2 drops, 8 drops is too much; for a blended recipe, from 2 drops to 6 drops will be your average, with 4 drops .08 grams or .8% usage in a recipe. I see a lot of folks using this flavor way too high, and by doing that, you will be missing out on the brown sugar, the nutmeg, the lower and middle notes in a lot of Flavorahs flavors.. so please be kind to yourself and try small amounts. It won’t hurt much to lower and test. 🙂

Recipe time!


Strawberry Custard 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Vanilla Custard
9 drops .18 grams Custard
2  drops .04 grams Alpine Strawberry
3  drops .06 grams Butterscotch
1 drops .02 grams Cookie

The Vanilla Custard is the start here for lush creamy thick and rich vanilla egg custard. The plain custard provides the topping to the mix, and lends more credibility. Alpine Strawberry here give the best sweet ripe and omg delish strawberry ever. It’s my fav one to work with. The cookie give the entire mix some texture, and hints of chocolate. It just works out together.. 🙂 Let this sit for a few days and remember, don’t hold me responsible for empty bottles!

Cupcake Batter

Cupcake batter, I believe is one of the top sellers for our Flavorah! and no wonder, it is finger licking good!  From the time you take the top off and just sniff the bottle, I know that is when the flavor gets one hooked! Light fluffy or even a heavy cupcake batter, the things I can add into this flavor will make a grown man blush! 😛

Ok for my testing in yes, those famous 10ml bottles, I ran the gauntlet again from 2 drops .04 grams up to 8 drops .16 grams. Using only 2 drops, its extremely light, but you can begin to taste it after eh.. 2-3 days sit time. At this point, you could mix this in with other creams or even flv’s pound cake for a more richer cakey experience. Raising it up to the 4 drops, and after a few days sitting around, a good start to a rich cupcake batter, and thinking on that, you could build into your batter now with other add ins. Yeah, you guys thought I’d drop more secrets out, eh? I might.. keep reading! at 6 drops, to me in a 10ml bottle is on the verge of being obscene! I can see here if I push it further, I will get that funky chemical tail my tongue always seems to be picking up. I don’t think I will be trying it at the 8 drop amount.. not yet anyways, and the 8 drop bottle has a spot on my table when I am once again wanting to play with my batter! Now on to a good recipe:

Cuppy Cakes! 30ml

14 drops .28 grams Cupcake Batter
9 drops .18 grams Pound Cake
2 drops .04 grams Cookie
6 drops .12 grams Sweet coconut
6 drops .12 grams Butterscotch
6 drops. 12 grams Greek Yogurt

See how I did this, with the layering? the pound cake will help with the body, unless I slip in 1 drop .02 grams of either mango or banana. The cookie, lends more of a bready bit, but will fade into the cake batter, and give it that cakey cookie dough type. The sweet coconut, its like adding in coconut milk, sweet light and creamy, for a more liquid type taste; if you do not want it liquidy, then go ahead and use the coconut at 2 drops per 30ml. The butterscotch is a hidden treasure here, as you can tounge chase and if you didn’t mix this, you wouldn’t recognize the scotch part, as the greek yogurt adds in some of that tangy bit of battery dough.. 😉

Now, if you can read in between the lines here.. and play with this recipe, you could turn out a omg melt your drip tip sugar cookie dough.. but… if you can’t, then might have to wait a bit, maybe I will drop it again somewhere! ~S

Cookies and Cream

Grab a spoon, dig in for Cookies and Cream, because this is one of my latest fascinations of flavors! Due to the fun things I discovered about this flavor mixed with others.. I wonder if I have anyone willing to explore this one and find out if I am right on spot! I can say it is a basic cookie and cream type, not exactly a dark oreo cookie bit.

Running this flavor at 4 drops .08 grams in 10mls gives me a good cream base with a hint of cookie, and if I raise it to 6 drops .12 grams, there it is, a delicious tasting flavor, while at 8 drops .16 grams its very heavy and just obnoxiously cookie and cream. I’d be leary of it at this amount for muting or chem trailing out on me.

Nana’s Cream Cookies 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Cookies and Cream
3 drops .06 grams Cookie
6 drops .12 grams Persimmon
9 drops .18 grams Cream
6 drops .12 grams Custard
4 drops .08 grams Vicious Vanillin
4 drops .08 grams Sour Pucker

If you thought oreos are addicting, you need to try this one.
the C&C is exactly like the cream inside the oreo, while the cookie is supporting the c&c, lending even more cookie to my recipe, so you get all the notes from both, tied together. The Persimmon lends sweetness, and it’s fruity hides away, while the custard top notes play with persimmon giving it a beautiful texture in your mouth. The vicious vanillin makes this a vanilla cookie and cream, while the sour, yes, sour pucker actually helps the c&c crumble apart, just like the oreo cookie does when you eat it.

Enjoy.. 😉

For those lacking in the VV and the SP, you can sub it out for just vanillin and sour, but it will not be the same.


How do you like your Cream, hot or cold, light or heavy, shaken with froth, or just on ice? I have to admit, I am a cream addict, I love the dairy flavors Flavorah has, and they did a fantastic job of only serving the best creams to us. Thank you! Now which finger to use? haha! Thick rich cream, with lots of tricks to use it, is what I know. I like to play with them most all the time, but I can burn myself out. Hard to believe, but they are just that good!

When testing, I just jumped in on this flavor and went full out, from 2 drops .04 grams all the way up to 8 drops .16 grams in 10ml bottles, and of course, I snagged the biggest one first. Right off the bat, I knew I had a decent cream to work with, but.. I got the thick cream, with that buttery edge to it, and no lower notes. I knew I had it too high. If that is ever a possibility, but it is. At 2 drops .04 grams in 10mls I picked up a creamy milky light light taste, and it was good, just not enough. At 4 drops .08 grams I got a good rich cream, milky, and can see bits of coconut shavings, and fruits being dipped into it. At 6 drops .12 grams it was a bit much like the real deal, almost with buttery notes, and the start of what I recognize now as the chemical notes on the back starting to appear; I didn’t get that at the 8 drops.. but it was there for me at 6 drops.. go figure. 🙂

Peaches and Cream! 30ml

9 drops .18 grams Peach
6 drops .12 grams Peach Gummy
6 drops .12 grams Mango
9 drops .18 grams Cream
6 drops .12 grams Custard

A simple peaches and cream, just like here, down south in the summer! It’s just a good way to ease a craving for sweet peaches, and rich cream! You could add in some cinnamon, caramel, and cool menthol.. and if I were you, i’d make this in a 4oz size!


I have a feeling I could be here, stuck in the land of cheesecake for a very very long time! However, I can’t. Cooking dinner for my son and we haven’t had much time together, due to the sales and contest I have run.. so this will be the last one for tonight, I know!

At first, I really couldn’t get into this flavor, to me, it lacked the sharp, tangy cheesecake bits, we all love in the NY cheesecakes. It was more creamy than anything, but if you took it up too high, it’s like tasting just cheese. I have gone over and over, how I find my spots, and I hope it is starting to click now, use drops, go low and work high, be patient, and keep at it. If I need to add how I did it here with this flavor, I can on request. To actually build a good recipe with this flavor, I got to thinking, what will give this some oomph, some pizzazz, and really turn it out for the best, so with a little tinkering and a small sample of what this flavor can do for your mixes, let’s start off with..

Tiramisu Cheesecake 30ml

12 drops .24 grams Cheesecake
6 drops .12 grams Vanilla Pudding
6 drops .12 grams Cream
2 drops .04 grams Greek Yogurt
1 drops .02 grams Chocolate Deutsch
3 drops .06 grams Crunch cereal
3 drops .06 grams Cookie dough
1 drops .02 grams Coffee

The vanilla pudding and cream support the cheesecake without overloading it down in creaminess too heavy, and the yogurt makes the cheesecake just pop all over! the way I did the coffee and crusty bits make the tiramisu just all tasty. You might need to raise these amounts up if using a tank, but for a dripper, it’s a spot on taste! 🙂


cream cheese icing

Cream Cheese Icing *Stone* mix
10ml bottle
Use as a new flavor, running around 2-4 drops per 10ml

2.00 grams Cheesecake (Flavorah)
2.00 grams Cream (Flavorah)
1.00 grams Marshmallow (Flavorah)
2.00 grams Cotton Candy (Flavorah)
1.00 grams Greek Yogurt (Flavorah)
1.00 grams Vanilla Bean (Flavorah)
1.00 grams Sweetness (Flavorah)

I had someone ask me how to turn this into a stone, made adjustments. ~S.

Brie Cheese

Should I be scared of this flavor, brie cheese? From Flavorah! They say: “Soft creamy spreadable brie cheese with low mold. Surprising flavor profile is very vapable, and quite compelling for people who need something new that is not another custard-yogurt-berry parfait.  However, you will have trouble with this flavor if you vape it stand-alone.  It is an excellent base pairing with cream, milk, and or greek yogurt.  Fruits like rhubarb, coconut, and nuts like pralines or a FLV cheesecake if you want to add a crust.”

Naw.. I am not scared, I did a few samples, just to judge how this flavor will work, and I can say.. please, test out your flavors solo, even with a description like this, you need to know how a flavor will lay, or work with others, on your own. Without doing this, how will you know if your flavors go “south” or might cause issues, etc.. ? I started at 3 drops .06 grams for a 10ml and 6 drops .12 grams 10ml.. at 3 drops, I pick up a creamy twangy milky bit.. and at 6 drops I start to pick up a cheese. I had to let this sit for a couple days until I was comfortable with the idea of vaping this, but for giggles the last one was 9 drops .18grams and oh wow!! funky sour cheese bits with a twangy milky?? cotton and coil change out, for sure!! So with this now.. I made a few recipes, one I can share!

Fan Girl Dream Steam

6 drops .12 grams Brie Cheese
6 drops .12 grams Cheesecake
6 drops .12 grams Coconut
6 drops .12 grams Macaroon
3 drops .06 grams Sweetness
3 drops .06 grams Basil
2 drops .03 grams Praline
3 drops .06 grams Yogurt
1 drops .02 grams Alpine Strawberry

Dream Steam has sat around for about a week, but I see this bottle going down real fast and will be putting it on for remix. It’s fantastic going with my coffee, the strawberry is more like a strawberry sugary effect, the milky cheese part, isn’t too strong, it’s had a chance to lay back, along with the nuts and cheesecake just make this fantastic and the basil is here as a spiced cool touch.. I am really enjoying the taste.. Top shelf here! <3 ha! So, if you mix this and enjoy it.. let me know your thoughts!