Steeping ultra concentrated flavors

Another subject I really need to touch on is how to steep, age or blend your eliquid/juice. I see all sorts of methods from shakers, frothers, ultrasonics and more. This is a big no, just do not do that. It is not needed! You can push ultra concentrates like Flavorah way too far and over do it. It will turn mushy or muddled, bland. However, I do have a solution, a work around, that helps without hurting the outcome. As long as you do not add your nic until last, this works every time. Ready for my trick?

It is… the microwave! (wattage depending!) You will want only a few second bursts, once you have your blend and your base together, without nicotine, for a 30ml. If you are using a 4 oz or larger, you want to increase the time, but do not get to crazy and boil it. For larger batches, just take it out and check if it is warm or still needs more time. The microwave I use is just an average one, at 1100watts, around 3-5 seconds, preferably in a glass or pet bottle. You are aiming for warmer than the skin on your wrist, but not hot to where it will melt the bottle or burn yourself. Then give it a good shake and let it cool down. How often to do this? maybe 2-3 times. No more than that, and let sit overnight. Then you can add your nicotine, and remember to shake it really well!! You will find the viscosity of the vg, if you use max vg, will change a touch, but that is fine! It will make helping the nicotine blend with the base so much easier and it speeds up the time it needs to become mature (steeping/aging/sit time).

Take my challenge, steep however you want, then do a blend mix like how I am explaining here. Test it out and see. I can promise, my custards are beautiful in just a few days, my juices are rich and just like they should be. With ultra concentrates, it really is a fun and pleasurable experience using them in the right way. Report back your findings, I’d love to hear if anyone else will try.

I will say what I have said for years too, time works wonders. If you do not agree with the  microwave method, at least leave the rest off and just try time. Most of Flavorah’s flavors, when mixed at the right amounts, only need a week at the most to become beautiful like they are meant to. Anything longer than this, chances are, you are just using too much.