Ocean spray? Apple Cranberry doesn’t go well with coffee in the morning!  With that being said. if you practice your solo mixing from the lowest, 2 drops in 10ml, thereContinue Reading

What to do to make this work? Apple filling is the entire bits and pieces  of all the ingredients that make the  pie taste so good. What to do withContinue Reading

Gee, Apple Pop. This is in my opinion, this flavor I never ever expected to turn out the way it has. As a solo, eh.. if you like sweet and tartContinue Reading

Sweet basil, yes! If you haven’t played with this one, you are missing out! I have toyed with this flavor for the last two days now, and run the rangeContinue Reading

This flavor is just not your average beer nuts, I can tell you that! Sweet salty nuts with a just a hint of ale, and a hidden surprising plot twist is whatContinue Reading

Berry blend, is really a good mix and the things I have done with this one amaze me. One mix right after the other, smooth, sweet, tart, bold, light, and tangy,Continue Reading

Nothing finer than playing around with black cherry! The drinks and pies, along with creams, shakes, nuts and tobaccos you can dream up, come out amazing! Be careful tho, usingContinue Reading

OMG!! Finally, my favorite out of everything, blood orange!! Then again, I say this about almost every flavor! I do have a few I have to sit back and say,Continue Reading

What’s blue and can go squish in your mouth, it’s a blueberry! Flavorah got it right with this one; it’s one of my favorite berries I love to play withContinue Reading

Bubble gum, so much fun! The things you can do with this particular flavor still amuses me and gives me giggles! Not sure if everyone is aware, but with thisContinue Reading