Hey carrot heads, what is up, Ya’ll? haha!
I’d never ever thought I’d be vaping, as a solo flavor, a carrot! Never! Gee, thank you, the good peepz at Flavorah! I can now say I have!

This is “The Carrot” Yes! Orangy, earthy, with a tiny, yes, tiny touch of green. I do get that green from this, but, it is in the very background! It’s aww heck, let me do a break down first! Then maybe you can see where I am going with this one.

With my handy dandy pile of 10ml bottles, I started at 2 drops .04 grams and did not taste anything, then I went to 4 drops .08 grams and yes.. something was there, sweet muddled something. Ok, I can be brave! 6 drops .12 grams and there! behold the first taste of.. drum roll, it is a carrot, bam! Earthy not quiet dirty, carrot! So, to explore it more, I went to 8 drops and same carrot taste, a little heavier with the earthy carrot, and no it is not a dirty one, just with that carrot taste, like a fresh clean one. Moving on to 10 drops .20 grams, (Oh my gosh, let’s do it!) the sweet part comes out more, but so does this green I get. I wonder if this is part of the chemtrails I get when taking a few too high? It’s like the carrot top part, weird. Will be curious if I get any responses once this is released. Let’s push this 12 drops .24 grams or 2.4% oh no. Just No! NO! I get a bitter bit in my nose and mouth. No. So my threshold for carrot is under 2.4% and yes that was the chemtrail effect I find 99% of FLV has.. some can push and skip over this amount if they so choose, but for me and mine.. will keep this one at 2% and under.. 🙂

Less is more, less is better and I do not want a bunny to think I am in competition! 🙂

Now as far as what to do with this flavor, why cake, creams, maybe nuts.. but I can see a few fruits overpowering it.. so be careful in what you add this beautiful flavor in. I happen to like carrots, maybe with a brown sugar glaze, basil and cinnamon. Happy thoughts and mixing!