Testing solo flavors

Testing solo flavors can be challenging! Only if you are unsure of a manufacture or a new flavor, you might find yourself wondering, how to come up with what kind of measurement.

First, lets chat on how:  volume (%) vs weight (g). Volume is pretty easy… measuring cups, syringes, oral measures, basically anything with linear markings. Weight is even easier, with a bonus with today’s digital scales.  While I just stated what the differences are, I won’t go much further into the technical, other than weight is more accurate and is the leading standard of measurement in most flavor labs.  This is what I hold to, and how I post my recipes here on site.

The #1 killer for me is not taking or losing my notes! I encourage everyone to document, record, keep track, how ever which way you want to, but do keep up with your notes in a safe manner. Remember, if it is online and on someone else’s site..  it’s easy to drop a database and those secret recipes are no longer hush hush! It is alright to post works in progress, but those recipes near and dear, keep them safe.

Drops! I do believe I have come full circle on the “drop” issue. Years ago, we were told, and even tho it does still hold true, not all drops are alike! I could pop up pretty images here of all different sized nipple tips, but it’s late tonight. I can say here with my flavors, and most other ultra concentrate companies, off we have in common, besides how strong our flavors are, is the tip! Yes I went there! flavorah’s tip size on their bottles is perfect. Each drop will weigh out to around .0178 and .0213 grams. To make it simple and with ease of use, without getting into specific gravitates etc., I do round mine up and down to a common number and it’s .02 grams per bottle drop. It’s really that easy! So you have choices here on if you want to just guess by using volume, or try to become as accurate as you can be. Oh the bonus, I did forget! Not much clean up, and no messy measuring tools! Your choice.

Now for finding out about your flavors. First, pick out a manufacture. Know where they “stand” in the flavor field. Are they a solo creator, or do they work with a major flavor house? Are they a private party, like myself working for a private lab, or do they have a field when they mainly use their flavors? Next, go on and snag a few flavors, take the plunge and pick things you personally would like to enjoy tasting. Stay with small sizes for now, so if you find you do not like the way they make strawberry, it wont be as big of a loss if you had gone bigger. Once you have it, then the next step is finding all your gear (scales, gloves, etc) and creating your “zone”.

Your “zone” area should be clean and neat, away from kids, pets, heat, dirt, etc., No electronics other than your scales (interference can happen).  The next step is finding out if you have a regular, super or ultra flavor. A general guide would be like this, using a 1 ounce bottle as example:

regular flavors(tfa/cap)      usage:  6g to  30g*
super flavors(FA)                usage:  .15g to  1.2g*
ultra flavors(NV/FLV/TS)    usage: .02g to . 1.2g*

*First, these are just general averages, second is my point is showing how these flavors do decrease, as the strength of the flavorings increase.  This is why I say, it pays to know your flavor maker! Moving along..

If you get a hold of Flavorah, and mind you, these are only my suggestions on my page, on my site.. this is how I recommend you to try these out. I realize not every one of us has resources to burn thru, nor have all sizes etc.. and you might find there might be a few flavors you will be tempted to “cut” or dilute. My views on dilutions.. don’t. Just no. Go larger and become better at accuracy. How I set mine up is I do what is called “runners” I run the flavors out in 10ml bottles, using 1 drop and building up. That averages out to around 15-20 10ml bottles holding 10ml, a total of 120ml per flavor run. I do 5 flavors at a time and I do not test all “strawberry” at one time. I stagger them with the 5 flavor varieties and jot my notes down.

Will I show images? No. Just like you value your privacy (or some do not) I do, and I have to abide by my lab’s rules as they wish to remain private.  I am sorry if I am letting anyone down, as that is not my intention, but I have to follow work rules, even tho this is my fan site for Flavorah, I am limited at showing off what I work with.

Your tastes matter, so does your choices in what and how you mix. I can only wish you lots of good luck!


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