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The perfect Jelly Bean Base {ALL FLV}

To mix a pure jelly bean.. like these:

Yeps the best Jelly Bean, evah!

Is pretty simple… if you are familiar with your flavors and how they each work together. It is also why I say, over and over.. work your solos. Figure out where you enjoy certain tastes in recipes and then put them together.. see if it becomes your “jam” or if it really just sucks!! 🙂

For those that are unsure…

Try this mix:

Marshmallow Vanilla 1.4%
Cotton Candy .6%
Bubble Gum .4%
Cream .4%
Frosting .4%
Sugar Orchid .4%
Sweetness .4%

Note: these flavors can be adjusted.. if you are tasting more bubble gum, decrease that flavor. If you want more sweet or it is too much sweet, only change one of the sweeteners at a time to see which one might be overpowering.. As it is.. it is a good base for a jelly bean..

Steep time.. If you order your flavors now (or have them on hand) average steep for all of this.. is between 3 days, when it locks the flavors in, up to 12 days. So get to work, you have time before Easter to make a full line of jelly bean ejuice! 🙂

Add in’s… I will leave those up to your own imagination. Realize this is just the “back bone” or the base of the recipe. This recipe I just shared will not give you a peanut butter and raspberry jelly bean.. so don’t panic.. you just need to put your own work in!

Good luck!!

PS.. I find it funny.. the bases that came, and will come.. the recipes borrowed.. Flavors created.
I am not flattered, but I do see. Happy tho.. keep the flavors alive. Just remember where it comes from.

Peace out! SB