Thoughts… 3/30/2021

Not sure if I want to classy this as a rant, rave or just randomness.. babble? 😀

Just a random image.. not for attention!

Let’s talk about.. tastes, profiles, how things should flow..

Do you like jagged juices? Not sure what those are? Like when you try to balance a sweet with a tart and that first taste just hits your mouth and you are not sure enough to say wow.. or omg what the hell was that? 😀 Yeah..

I find when you solo flavors.. it’s a time for you to enjoy a profile, or hate it. One the other half a dozen to none. Taking time to go so low, where you can tell you have that taste.. it’s there, but it’s so hard to distinguish. To pick up and say hey that is this! and then when you bring it up.. and it’s like oooh… that is a berry, a nut, or ooh omy gosh!! Then you jack it all the way up till it starts to morph, to distort, to turn into something else.. yeah.. Getting to know those solos before working out a profile.. and some say.. but Smoky.. I aint got that time.. the time it takes to dev a flavor..

Yeps tis true.. some work and have a life.. but no time to really dip into creating a good recipe. Or… the profile might be so far removed from what you are used to, how can you really tell if you like nuts or flowers, if it’s not in your area of expertise? When you have no experience working with a flavor or profile.. sometimes… thinking outside the box.. by focusing on that odd omg what’s in my mouth??? yeah.. time, taste.. it all comes to play in effect with your diet, your mindset, your happy taste spots.. It’s super hard to mix a flavor or profile when it’s not a top priority.. I totally agree and have been there.. Don’t ask me about Yam.. nopes just don’t.. My idea of a yam.. and reality.. just doesn’t mix well haha!! however the hang up is me.

Admitting it when it is you and not the profile is the first half of the battle. Deciding next on what to do or not to do is the harder part.. and here I sit. Patiently waiting on not just new profiles, but gear and bottles and tanks and rsa and rda and.. I can go on..

No I do not like this PACT Act, I do not like the PMTA, I was not asked politely.. but for years now we all begged for regs, we begged to save the children.. and now we are in a spot where the nic no longer will run free.. there will be restrictions and taxes and if we are not careful, not even the adults will vape much longer.

Tomorrow is a new day.