Update.. :) About time.. perhaps!

Yes, I have not been as active, either here, on Facebook, or pretty much the internet in general. Why?! Because sometimes life gets in the way, and I pause for now to get a bunch of “things” complete. I will be moving in the next 3-6 months, more on that later. I have a house in need of sorting, packing, and a lot of items are going for donation. Moves are always fun like that! Looking forward to the next place I land!

I am grateful tho.. SXMini sent me a box of goodies! YAY! See the picture below!

Surprise box! ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I received goodies, like any other vape head haha! A new phrase, or did I pick that up from somewhere? I stopped what I was working on, and of course.. playtime! I opened up the SXMini MK Pro.. of course! Yes, skipped directions, because either I am slack like that or.. ๐Ÿ˜› seriously tho.. if you are looking for a setup for newbies.. or even an on the go for long time vapers, this mod surprised me.. (It was not BLACK! YAY!) Not sure if it’s pink.. or a light lilac, it does carry some purple hues.. but this is as simple as it can be!

SXMini MK Pro came with.. 2 coils, a tank, a type c charging cable, and 1 extra stack of coils. (Heads up.. I will need more coils.. only drawback, or con with me, is coils are not rebuildable.. !!) I loaded it up with my Strawberry Cream Puffed Pancakes recipe, and wow.. color me impressed! taste is really decent.. in fact.. true taste, just like in my dripper! I am amazed as I sit here.. puffing and typing. I might have to break down and pick up a few handfuls of the MK Pro, just for my on the go or for the new people I run across.. def a sweet mod and I am really loving it.. Kudos to Angel and David!! You both have made my mouth happy on this rainy day!!

Cute MK Pro! ๐Ÿ˜€

I have coils for my well used SXMini.. I love that mod!! so I am super happy with my surprise package.. oh yes!! haha!!
Thank you, David.. how did you know I was running low?? I have run so much juice from that little mod.. yeah the one I first had my doubt on.. but the nano has become my best mod.. I still have 3, no issues.. just packs a flavor in my mouth. I was so happy to help with the nano project.. so color me prejudiced.. it’s my mod!

As for the IPV-v200.. will play with it tonight.. I am boxing up tools right now and really need to get back to work..

Strawberry Cream Puffed Pancake

Strawberry 1.2%
Strawberry Cream .6%
Graham Cracker .6%
Pound Cake 1.2%
Vanilla Pudding 1.2%

One drop from the bottle, maple bar!

Must steep for a week ๐Ÿ™‚

I will check back in later!