What is going on?

Life sort of got in the way and this site has fallen behind. I am back now and working on posting up all of the flavors Flavorah has, as well as tips tricks recipes and sometimes advise. I really apologize about not keeping it up, however I have some time now and a passion to get all of the info I know, out to help everyone mix better. I have even made some changes in the site, as well as get my posts a bit more organized. As far as site looks, it is what it is, sometimes plain and simple, no ads, no pushing.. just my thoughts, trials and efforts on mixing with what I know, the best flavor company we all love, Flavorah.

A recap on some of the questions I am asked:

Am I am employee of Flavorah, now or at any time?
I do have a connection, but I will simply leave it that I am a friend of the company.

Am I paid for this site?
No. I do have a donation link, however I receive no monetary pay checks at all for any of my help on this site or others.
Please consider, If I have helped, donate. It keeps me happier, and lets me know my efforts here are not in vain.

Do I sell recipes, ejuice, flavors or flavor shots?
Yes. I do sell recipes(recipe creation), as well as full juice line recipes, and I try not over charge. I rather work with you on learning about mixing as well as how flavors can interact, but yes I do and can work with you or your team, from start to finish. I can walk you thru the mixing process and how to do large batch mixing. My fee is 50.00 per recipe, and very well worth it. You handle shipping costs, if any are needed. For ejuice, flavors or flavor shots, at this time not in public, however I am thinking on it.

How long have you been mixing, Smoky?
10 years.

What other kind of info can you give about your mixing and qualifications?
I currently and have been working for a small lab in North Carolina, I am a contract employee, and work from client to client.

I have had other questions asked about myself.. I can fill a website up with a lot. I’d rather not! 🙂
If you have any further questions, you can always use my contact form.

Until the next flavor post..


PS a cool image

What I plan on doing late this afternoon.. swinging and chilling out.. thinking on the website and what all I need to do to finish this..

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