If you are looking for something to boost your breads, wheat is the answer you are seeking. Want to know why, let’s continue..

If you think you need an added extra bit, to separate you from the crowd, to make those honey buns and cinnamon twirls, and especially cereals bounce, stand up or take a down note, wheat.. yeah, I am enjoying this one.

How I picked thru it, by drops still! I know, aggravating, aren’t I? 🙂 but it is true. One drop to change a liquid, one drop to change a taste, and one drop to rule the world! One drop of wheat, gives you a wiff, a taste, but you really need to start this one at 2 drops, .04 grams in 10mls to catch a wheat trail, 4 drops .08 grams in 10mls for a perfect wheat finish in your mix. That is the beginning of what I can call the taste zone, mixed with cereal at 4 drops.. crunchy wheat.. you need to try this. I wouldn’t really take it higher than this.. but it does depend on the nature of your juice and the statements you wish to convey. Taste is very subjective 😉

Yeah short and sweet this morning, I have mixes to catch up on today, shopping and more.. I hope you are enjoying the site, and let’s keep the flavors rolling! ~S

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