How to work with Flavorah! flavors

What a title, eh? for this you will need just a pen and paper, for now. I will suggest snagging a scale from somewhere. The most popular one to work with tho, can be found on Amazon, or you can check out Ebay for any good deals. You might (or might not) need this later down the road.

Like my image here, I started out making a short list of flavors I like and that will go smooth together. I can add more, but for now these are the flavors I will work with. How so? By taking each one, and seeing where we like them. I will give, most people don’t like or want to do this, but it plays a very important part of finding out how the flavor works at what level, to know how to put a recipe together. Don’t just say ok I will use these at this amount. You won’t know what will go funky, or if it is too light doing it that way!  So get out some small bottles and try your hand.

The best way I have found is by using drops. Why? well a few reasons. Mixing by volume, rather than weight, is largely inaccurate. It might look like 2mls in a syringe, but unless you weight out 2mls, your syringe could be concave and look like this, with a curvature.

This will cause an inaccurate reading and will throw your recipe off, especially using ultra concentrates. I can’t stress it enough, be as accurate as possible. Don’t shoot the messenger, I have a fix for all of this.

By my tinkers, I have found by my scales, each drop is a confirmed .02 grams. I do not go by specific gravity of each flavor, but I can if I really want to become a tech nerd. Because my scales go beyond the normal range, mine go 3 places beyond the decimal point, specific gravities range from .0189 grams to .0213 grams. To make it easy on myself, I use .02 grams per bottle drop.  Here is what my scales look like, however, they are on the expensive side, as I picked them up from my lab.


I do not suggest this one, if you are into creating juice as a hobby, the aws scales will suit better and cost way less.

So grab a few bottles, your flavors and your base (with or without nic), and get started. I normally run an average of 8 – 10ml bottles at a time, and 3-5 flavors, carefully marking how much flavor is in each one. I start with 1-2 drops (.02-.04 grams) and run up to 7 drops (.14 grams) per bottle. This way I have an idea on how the flavors will perform, and what to think on when I put my recipe together.

I give all my bottles at least a day to sit, as I have learned speed steeping can ruin flavors of this quality, vortex can actually over push them as well; sonics are definitely out! So what does that leave you? The microwave! Believe it or not, these flavors thrive on microwaves! Something about the compounds playing nice together after a quick 2-4 sec burst from the microwave, and a good handshake, make the process a bit faster. You only need to use the microwave a few times, each time, allow for it to cool back to room temp. The next day, not only finger taste test, but if you have a dripper, add a bit on there, and judge for yourself.

I find looking at recipes on line do a few things for me. #1 never take one serious. #2 we all taste things different, and because of those 2, and that famous expression: what I like you might not, will keep you going a long way. It’s fine to get ideas, but make it your own, do your own thing, and never mind what Mary did. Chances are, she might just be “off”.

Side note: If I missed anything here, let me know, will be happy to add more info to any of my tutorials. I hope these will help you to become a better mixer. S.

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I’m curious about this approach.
Do you mix with a pg/vg mix, or just vg?
Do you add nic to each bottle?
How much do you have to vape from each bottle to come to your conclusions?
If it’s less than 10ml, then why use 10ml (I suspect the answer is to standardize and simplify measurements)?
Let’s say you find the sweet spot for flavor A is 4 drops per 10ml as a standalone. You then mix it with flavors B and C. Will the flavor change of A change enough so that you have to alter the amount?