How to take notes on your solo flavor tests

How to take your notes on your solo flavor tests isn’t too hard. Find a dedicated notebook, use a file on your pc, or even just a notepad. Remember to keep them all together!

What to write about? First make sure you have the flavor name and manufacture written down. I really hate it when I run across my own notes and there is zero mention of the flavor. Sure I can take a good guess, because I only work with 1 flavor company, but it still can be a big pain!

Nothing fancy, just something that you alone can read and figure out your thoughts.

Next, make a note one the testing procedure you are doing. What, Work? No. I mean if you made my examples from other posts here, if you follow me and get it, document what sizes you used, how much of your flavor you added per size. Wait for it to steep, by however means you are steeping. Then get your dripper on! Use that tool in your head, your own tongue

Here is what I would put in the notes:

I picked up “X” bottle. It has Apple in it, and the strength is 15 drops or .30g or 1% flavoring. That takes like a couple seconds. It tasted like the best apple I have ever tried. Or, this apple flavor is sad and sick and needs help. What ever you put so you can remember, at at the amount you are using it at, you tasted ___________ with the apple flavor.

You can put things like this apple flavor will go with say… strawberry, or peach or watermelon. You can also say that this apple is too weak to add at this amount for any tobaccos, or at this level the apple is too chemical and I need to back down.

In fact. it has taken me 3 minuets to write all of this out, so keeping up and creating flavor notes should not take even this long. Stop being lazy! Stop thinking that someone else’s notes will save you work. We all taste things different and the sooner you learn to trust your own mouth, the better for everyone else.

This will make you a better mixer, if you go from low to high in your flavors and keep your own notes. Fact. I see it all the time.

The end! 🙂

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