Flavor Notes


Let’s talk about the flavor Acai! This flavor has been around for quiet some time, and is still a treasure! It has it’s own uses, but did you know that it makes a good solo flavor too?

Acai berries. Tasty!

Just what is an acai berry? Well.. it is like a grape, seeded and has about 20% fruity tastes and makes really good smoothies! It’s like a dark berry found white and mild dark chocolate and became happy.. how can you go wrong with happy berries?? haha!

My usage with Acai berry runs from a few drops in 30ml up to around 1.2% depending on how dominant in a recipe as I wish it to be.

Things that will go with Acai..
Other fruits, breads, nuts and tobaccos, creams like Greek yogurt and even Vanilla Pudding.

It really depends on what your idea is with this acai berry, but I would suggest to solo it before mixing, especially if you have never eaten the real fruit.. Like I said in my usage, my highest is 1.2% and even that is high! I find for a solo it’s more like 0.8% 🙂

A few of my public recipes can be found here!

Fee free to drop me a note, if you have tried Acai berry and I will add on to my notes here, if you have other suggestions! 🙂